Dangerous Magic (paperback) by Devin McKee

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    The last thing Riley O’Connor needs is a distraction as the fate of his family’s legacy lies on his shoulders. But a distraction is exactly what he gets when he collides with the beautiful wildcat on a Houston sidewalk. Could she be the woman of his heart, the woman his Irish grandmother predicted existed?

                Travel agent Laura Marshall is sure the arrogant man she’d encountered in Houston has followed her to Cancun for the sole purpose of ruining her vacation. Her friends invite Riley to join in their plans, forcing Laura to face her growing attraction to him. 

                An unforgettable night of passion entangles them in a deadly power game. Someone wants to destroy Riley’s oil company and will use any means possible, including his new love interest. Riley and Laura fight to hold onto the magical fairytale they once believed in.

    (328 pages) Spicy


    Palpable excitement pressed in on Laura...


    as she scurried across the crosswalk. Perspiration beaded on her forehead, and she pushed at the strands of hair stuck to her skin.

    RC Towers’ impressive, dark-glassed building stood directly in front of her, which meant she was a block away from escaping the hustle and bustle of city life for five glorious days. Nothing could go wrong now.

    She rounded the corner of the building and glanced down at her purse, reaching inside for her commuter bus card.

    “Umph!” She gasped. She tried for a steady breath, but her lungs felt deprived of air. She hadn’t expected a full body slam with another person. A very solidly built person.

    Slowly, Laura’s gazed moved up a tall form dressed in designer expensive, and landed on the face of a beautiful man with sea-green eyes and chocolate brown hair. The quick smile he flashed charmed, yet somehow disarmed, her.

    Sexy. He was downright sexy.

    Her mouth went dry. Nervously she shifted her weight to the other foot, wet her dry lips and opened her mouth. Nothing came out. Not a sound.

    Laura clamped her mouth shut. She’d settle for a peep if she could manage it. Anything besides this besotted “I’m completely tongue-tied and acting like an idiot because you’re so beautiful” stare.

    Talk about lack of dignity.


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Dangerous Magic (paperback)

Dangerous Magic (paperback)

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