A Family To Die For (paperback) by AJ Brower

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    When high school chemistry teacher Mike Garretson learns one of his ancestral relatives was the victim of identity theft, long before it became the preferred crime of today’s white collar thieves, he suddenly finds himself having to prove it before he ends up as dead as his murdered grandmother.

    Mike’s only hope of winning the family inheritance is to hire historian Dr. Jennie Foster. But as she begins to uncover nearly century-old family secrets, Mike fears the feisty and brainy Jennie may discover more than he wants her to know.

    Jennie’s happy to climb around in her mysterious and aloof co-worker’s family tree. At least until she discovers Mike has a few secrets too. As the ancestral body count rises and a modern killer discovers what they’re looking for, will Jennie lay her life–and her heart–on the line for a man who refuses to let her into his?

    (344 pages) Sensual


    Will she or won’t she?





    When Mike turned his attention back to Jennie, she popped the pen cap off again. This time it skittered across her desk and dropped to the floor. She stood up quickly to retrieve it and felt the uncomfortable hemline dust her legs above the kneecap. Torn between slipping back behind her desk or getting her pen cap, Jennie watched as Mike strode across the room and scooped it up.


    As he stood, offering her the cap, his eyes, brilliant green and somehow all-knowing, traveled up her legs to the blouse with its deep “V” neck, before settling on her face.


    A slow blush crept up her cheeks as she took the cap from him.


    “Nice outfit.”


    Jennie gritted her teeth and plopped unladylike into her chair, words leaping unheeded from her mouth. “It was on the clearance rack,” she said, irritated at the compliment. It meant Mae was right again. “Probably because no one wanted such a short skirt.” She would have sworn he was laughing at her. She needed to stop acting like one of her students.


    “What brings the school’s most winning baseball coach into my classroom?” she managed to say lightly.


    “Business. Someone told me you run your own historical research company?”


    Jennie nodded, dismissing the slight twinge of disappointment that the faculty’s most eligible bachelor sought her for work purposes. “I don’t do much during the school year. Are you wanting some research done this summer?”


    “Actually, I need your help sooner.”




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A Family To Die For (paperback)

A Family To Die For (paperback)

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