Black Ribbon Affair (paperback) by Casey Clifford

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    Caitlin Donnelly's life is exactly how she wants it—except for the threatening notes. Deciphering who's after her, and why, isn't easy when the suspects include all her co-workers, along with a man from her past. Caitlin isn't sure who she can trust and danger escalates at a pace equaling her attraction to Mike.

    Mike Rafferty's life is in a mess. When his personal life disintegrates, he grasps an opportunity: a challenging new job and relocation to a different state. Finally, he has something to look forward to. He discovers an unexpected benefit in his new co-worker, a woman who turned him down years ago. Mike welcomes this unexpected chance to pick up a relationship worth waiting for.

    When Caitlin is kidnapped, Mike struggles to save the woman he loves while she learns to trust in his love to keep her alive.

    (324 pages) Sensual


    She knew that. Anticipation danced in his liquid smoke eyes, that interesting half-smile lingered at his mouth. Both set those tingles tumbling deep in her belly.

    "Well, I sure hope this doesn't disappoint you, but I was thinking about how wonderful I'd feel with my shoes off and my feet up on the bench." Warmth flooded her cheeks at her admission.

    "Sounds like a worthwhile plan to me and worth every penny in that dollar." He laughed and motioned her to put her feet up next to him.

    Doing so, Caitlin eased into the warmth of his leg against the side of her foot. Sipping the last of her wine, she watched him, her eyes looking over the glass rim.

    He took her foot and moved it on to his thigh. His eyes telegraphed his challenge--now what will you do?

    Liquid tremors skittered around her spinal column, nestled low in her tummy before slipping further down. Saying nothing, she indulged in a deeper awareness of him and what he was igniting in her. Time slipped past like ashes caught in an updraft.


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Black Ribbon Affair (paperback)

Black Ribbon Affair (paperback)

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