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Highlander's Challenge (paperback) by Jo Barrett

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    Amelia Tucker, or Tuck as she prefers to be called, latest personal bodyguard assignment turns into one she’ll never forget, thanks to a crazed kidnapper, one enchanted fountain, and a sixteenth century Highland Warrior determined to keep her under lock and key. Who will win this battle of wills?

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-096-5
    (320 pages) Spicy


    “Don’t think that because I let you drag me in here like some conquering warlord, that I’m afraid of you. I could put you on your back without stirring a breeze.”


    Colin leaned closer. “No woman could put me on my back unless that was where I wished tae be with her riding astride,” he said lowly.


    Her eyes widened and her cheeks colored. So her armor was not so thick after all. The lass had a soft underbelly, but he truly wished he hadn’t spoken of such things. The words brought to life too many tantalizing images.


    “No woman would want you,” she spat, and turned away.


    He snagged her by the arm and spun her around. She countered by grabbing his wrist and pulled, attempting to throw him off balance so she could jerk free, but he was too quick for her. Snatching her good wrist, he shoved her hand behind her back and leaned against her, imprisoning her in his arms. The moment he felt her toned shapely body pressed against him, he was lost. He could think of nothing, but how much he wanted to taste her.


    His lips met hers—hard. He wildly feasted on her mouth as a low growl rumbled in the back of his throat. She answered the call, pressing against him with just as much force, just as much hunger. It stirred his blood to know that she too suffered the same pains as he, the same yearnings.


    His hand slid down her back to the odd trews she wore, relishing the way they molded to her firm, round bottom. Cupping her sculpted flesh, he pressed her firmly against his aching shaft. He had to have her. Now.




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Highlander's Challenge (paperback)

Highlander's Challenge (paperback)

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