Wildcard (paperback) by Robin Shope

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    What would happen if someone secured a microchip that could be manipulated to give his or her candidate the edge to win the next presidential election? Not enough votes for a landslide, but just enough to put their candidate over the top in a decisive win. The Wildcards are a group of maverick agents who want to take over the outcome of the next election for President of the United States.

    During Ivy Dillon’s last week as a Washington Intern, she and Ms. Geneen Waters, the secretary to the President of the United States, overhear a conversation about voting machines and missing software. Months later Ms. Waters body is found floating in the Potomac River.

    FBI Special Agent Ian Serby, who swears he will give his life to protect her, takes Ivy into protective custody. Ian is smart, sexy and seems to have a hidden agenda all his own.

    Will Ivy follow her heart and believe what Ian tells her about trying to stop the Wildcards or is he actually a member of the Wildcards?

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-487-1
    (232 pages) Sweet


    He stared at her with superb green eyes the color of a calm sea, but it was his slow smile that pierced her heart. Eyes and smile. Together they pulled her into the deep waters of wild imagination. The six-footer awkwardly tugged on his collar and no wonder, he seemed totally out of place at the theater's cast party. Ivy Dillon was ripe for romance. She had to meet Whatzhisname.

    “Here's your fruit punch.” Jordan nudged. “I snagged you a cup before the alcohol went in.”

    “Thanks.” Ivy turned toward her roommate. “By the way, who's that?”


    “The great looking guy near the window.” Ivy tipped her head in that direction.

    “You can't mean Martin?” Jordan snorted.

    “Martin?” Ivy whipped around and squinted. Sure enough, the man she set her sights on meeting had disappeared and in his place was Martin, in drag, wearing evening gown garb and full makeup. He waved at her. Ivy waved back, disappointedly. “No, not him.”

    Ivy cruised through the stage director's apartment, trying to catch sight of the man with the interesting angular features, the hair that curled up along his neckline, and, oh yes, those eyes—those amazing eyes.


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Wildcard (paperback)

Wildcard (paperback)

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