Scandalous (paperback) by Diane Drew

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    A rumor surfaces, trapping Adam Hastings and Elizabeth Randolph into wedlock. Adam senses entrapment and sets out to prove the impoverished Randolphs initiated the gossip. Elizabeth would rather wed a groom to salvage her reputation than the wealthy Hastings rake, but her father's threat to use her sisters to fill the family coffers keeps her silent. Shame keeps her from revealing her father's treachery. Once Adam discovers a jealous husband planted the gossip, he accepts his responsibility to save Elizabeth's reputation. Elizabeth runs from her father's schemes, but when the truth is revealed, their fragile love may shatter.

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    "Too late." He nosed her hand aside and sensually drew her lower lip into his mouth for a moment as if to check the brandy's vintage. "But never fear, your secret is quite safe."


    He took advantage of her gaping lips before she could protest her innocence. His tongue teased the inside of her mouth, inducing giddy sensations that made her want to lean against him, and respond to the gentle touch. Heat swarmed to her thighs and down her legs. Her arms crept around his shoulders and clung to him.

    Suddenly she didn't care that he knew about her brandy-inspired courage, his lies, even his tawdry reputation, for that matter. The experience of his kiss more than made up for the amount of practice he must have had. At the moment, she was grateful for his expertise. After all, she would garner the pleasure of his training for the rest of their lives.

    As if a great reluctance beset him, Adam broke the kiss, and unruly disappointment rippled along her spine. Elizabeth watched his mouth for a moment, fighting her hope to be kissed again.

    "Have you thought of a more suitable endearment, m'dear?"


    "Believe you need more inspiration." He finished the sentence for her. Adam tipped her head back with a gentle kiss. "I believe I will miss you terribly during the next few months while I'm exploring the Caribbean."

    His words planted her firmly back into reality. He planned to desert her immediately. Her hands slipped from his shoulders to his wretched chest. He may be an experienced lover, but even as his lady, she would be just one of many women. He was a rake forced into marriage by his own miserable reputation, or drunken lying, but more likely by her father's treachery. He probably knew it and was out to expose her father. She was only another amusement to him.


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Scandalous (paperback)

Scandalous (paperback)

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