The Trouble with Tigers (paperback) by Kimberly Keyes

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  • When Lord Zeke Thurgood, grandson to the Earl of Claybourne, returns to London following a trip abroad, he’s flummoxed by his grandfather’s new servant, Kit. Young Kit’s not only woefully inadequate, he’s odd. Witness Kit’s penchant for staring at Zeke like a cat eyes fresh cream.

    Lady Kitty Hastings thought hiding as a boy servant would safeguard her from her guardian. Enter Lord Zeke Thurgood. Magnificent, maddening Zeke whose grousing unwittingly leads Kitty’s nemesis straight to her.  

    Zeke is still reeling over Kitty’s true identity when his grandfather announces their fake engagement. Emphasis on fake. Zeke’s plans don’t include marriage, much less staying in England. Only, after Kitty assures him he’s not the man for her it dawns on him—Kitty’s irresistible mix of courage, determination, and charm are exactly what he’s been missing. Now he needs to convince her they’re a perfect match, or lose the best thing that ever happened to him.


    Jesus, she smelled good, and her perfect breasts practically brushed his chest. Something hot and primal filled his veins. Irritated beyond measure, he realized he either needed to kiss her or blast her. Very well. He took a mind-clearing breath. “It’s crossed my mind to wonder if…”

    Blessedly, the tapping stopped.


    “If you might not think it would be easier if the engagement wasn’t a sham.”

    Her unblinking green eyes narrowed and locked with his. An image of a feral cat came to mind. “Go on.”

    “I only want to keep things from turning ugly later, Kitty. Thus, I want to be sure you don’t get any ideas.”

    “Let me see if I understand you correctly.” The smile she aimed at him did not meet her eyes. “You want to make sure I know you don’t want to marry me.”

    “Ah…” He wouldn’t have put it quite that bluntly.

    “Allow me to ease your mind, my lord. I don’t wish to marry you. Indeed, you are the very last sort of man I wish to marry.”

    He was impressed. She’d somehow managed to communicate her ire without raising her voice above a whisper. His mouth curved up at the corners. “Really?”


    His smile stretched from ear to ear. “You sound serious—as if you’ve given the matter thought. You’ve utterly relieved my mind.”

    “My life is complete, then.”

    He laughed aloud. “It’s none of my business, I know. But, out of curiosity—what are you looking for in a husband?”

    Flames leaped in her eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, and he prepared himself for a thorough set-down.

    “Good evening, Ezekiel, Lady Christine,” said Lady Lillian from the doorway.

    Kitty’s mouth snapped shut.

    “Good evening, Aunt Lill. Looking elegant as always,” Zeke said with a magnanimous smile.

    Kitty shot one last glare his way before aiming a welcome smile at his aunt.

    The clock chimed eight.

    “Ladies, may I escort you to the dining room?”



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The Trouble with Tigers (paperback)

The Trouble with Tigers (paperback)

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