Love and Death in Blue Lake (paperback) by Cynthia Harrison

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  • Courtney and Eddie, high school sweethearts, married young. Eddie had dreams of becoming a musician and spurned Courtney’s attempts to start a family. So without bothering to get a divorce, she took off for California, where a new thing in the 1990s called "music video" gave her a career as a set stylist. Now their high school reunion weekend is upon them, and despite time passed, they find themselves as wildly attracted to each other as ever.

    But Eddie's an embittered failure as a musician and Courtney is conflicted in love as she has finally decided to officially divorce Eddie and start a new family in California with a man willing to have the child Eddie refused to consider. Will Courtney shape a new life or will she and Eddie finally make sweet music together??


    Lightning ripped the sky in a ragged fork, and the rain beat down harder. She jumped at a clap of thunder, and before he knew what he was doing, he had taken her into his arms. It just happened. And she stayed, one second, two, three. He kissed the side of her forehead, just rested his lips on her skin, not a real kiss, not what he wanted to do. As if she knew and wanted it too, she lifted her face to his, and he brought his mouth to hers. Holding back, trying not to tear into her mouth with all the passion moving through him, he kissed her soft lips, slicked with a hint of summer rain.

    She had been huddled inside his arms, but now her hands slid around his shoulders and she was holding him like she used to, pulling him closer, kissing his mouth open, still soft, still sweet, but yearning for more. She felt it too, then. He knew she must. He would not be signing those papers because she would not be leaving town. He just couldn’t let her go. Not again.

    Another clap of thunder must have brought her to her senses because she put a hand on his chest and pushed him away with the lightest touch, as if she were as reluctant to release him as he was to let her go.

    “Want I should drive you home?”

    They were inches apart, and their eyes held each other, telling stories neither would say aloud.

    “Okay.” Her eyes shifted to her bare feet, toenails painted peachy-pink something. His Courtney always wore black nail polish. This was somebody new, but she was also the same.

    “We can sit and talk for a while, see if it slows down.” He wasn’t sure if he meant the rain or his madly beating heart. Maybe both. “I’ll still drive you. Can throw your bike in the back of my truck.” Eddie didn’t like talking and especially not that many sentences in a row. He waited for her to turn him down.


    That was the girl he knew, always easy with him, going along, well except for the baby part. She went along with everything until one day she didn’t, and no matter what he said, he could not change her mind, and then it was too late and she was gone.


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Love and Death in Blue Lake (paperback)

Love and Death in Blue Lake (paperback)

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