Upon Eagle's Light (paperback) by Clover Autrey

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    Eagles mate for life.
    When the eagles of Gaspar choose a mate, the Eaglekins they are each true-bonded with become mates as well. Hydeia’s eagle decides to mate at an inconvenient time. The attraction flowing between her and the Eaglekin male she is now connected to is hard to resist. But resist him she must; for she has been charged with a crucial task and isn’t about to let anyone slow her down.Ammah can’t believe his eagle has taken a mate, thereby entangling him with an Eaglekin female. He’d hardened his heart against the ways of his people long ago. Now he is faced with a stubborn woman who insists that he is her mate. But how can he walk away when the little fool is plunging headlong into danger? Worse, how will he withstand the magnetic pull drawing him to her?

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    (240 pages) Spicy


    Eagles mate for life, a taunting voice of caution whispered.

    Hydeia sat upright, a slow panic turning over in her mind while she tried to remember the markings of the tiercel. A dark muted slate blue that rippled like molten steel in the sunlight.

    Shreds, she'd been too caught up in the sensations, allowed too much feeling unleashed to have taken notice of the male's markings. This far from her eyrie's territory, she had just assumed he was a wilder, un-bonded. Dear Koric, sweet brother sun, what if the tiercel was true-bonded?

    What if..." Oh shreds. She formed an image of an Eaglekin male somewhere near in the canyons, experiencing the same sensations she'd felt while Tyalan and the tiercel plummeted through the sky...

    A faint swirl of reaction warmed her cheeks, filtered down to her toes.

    Hydeia pressed a fist to her forehead. How far could the true-bond during mating reach? Through his tiercel, could another Eaglekin have felt her as she lost all control of tightly guarded emotions? He'd think her a fledgling, incapable of maintaining any kind of hold on her reyn. Bolting to her feet, Hydeia began pacing, anger rising in slow coils to choke out her ripe humiliation. Then again, she'd felt no other. Because there was no one? Or because she was too inexperienced, too caught up in the new sensations, to have searched for another's reyn?

    She flinched as she felt Tyalan soar toward her, concern emanating at the edges of her awareness, most likely unnerved by Hydeia's quickly changing flow of emotions. The golden brown eagle swooped low, arching her elegant wings to land fluidly upon a near boulder. The sun rippled along her tawny feathers.

    Hydeia frowned. Sated and full of yourself, are you? She sent the image of her displeasure through their connection of luminous reyn.

    Tyalan's long neck turned to give Hydeia her full raptor stare.


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Upon Eagle's Light (paperback)

Upon Eagle's Light (paperback)

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