Hauntings in the Garden Vol 2 (paperback) by Wild Rose Press Authors

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  • Unlocked Treasure by Linda Carroll-Bradd

    Aleen MacRae resists the lure of the sea. But when her interest is caught by a man she sees both in person and in a dream, she afraid that her future is tied to the sea.  

    Braden Williams hunt for buried treasure brings him to Aleen. Collaboration on genealogy research draws them closer, and Braden steers her toward his true passion—sailing.

    Will Aleen play things safe or accept what this free-spirited man offers?

    Love Her Like the Devil by Stacy Dawn

    A chance meeting in a honky tonk on Halloween finds Luke in the arms of a brown-haired beauty. But if the stories he overhears are true, she may be far more than she seems...and he's more than ready to find out.

    Caper Magic by Veronica Lynch

    P.I. Nick Forrester has tracked a woman on the run to Cape Brendan. Within days he is confronted by Annunciata Doyle, a vivid reminder of a pain-filled past.

    On the shores of Lake Ontario, Nunie Doyle has earned the love and respect of new friends and neighbors—and put her talent for helping women to good use.

    Together again, Nicke and Nunie discover a side of each other that has them considering drastic changes for the rest of their lives. Is it madness or Caper Magic?

    ShriekWeek by Anne Knol

    Two problems threaten Maggie Ballater’s  new career as Island events organizer. One is the inexplicable murder of the lead actor in her Halloween pageant. The other is a dangerously attractive guitarist, Bram Jenkins, who brings back memories she’d rather forget. Is his interest in her real, or is he stalking her with a more sinister motive?


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Hauntings in the Garden Vol 2 (paperback)

Hauntings in the Garden Vol 2 (paperback)

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