Dragon Soul (paperback) by Diana Green

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  • Valla, a powerful dragon-shifter warrior, has never been lucky in love. Returning home after a failed mate-bonding, she hopes to find greater fulfillment in her life. Instead, she is drawn into an unlikely quest to rescue a captive she-dragon.

    As events spiral out of control, Valla plunges into an alien world, populated by nightmarish monsters and potent magic. She is forced to match wills and wits with a ruthless sorcerer, a man driven by dark obsession, who threatens all she holds dear. In the face of such challenges, can Valla prevail? And is it possible she might discover her heart’s desire along the way?


    Then she saw him, standing on the far side of the pool. The stranger held so still, he might have been a statue, except his long silver hair lifted in the breeze. It struck her as an odd color, when his face showed no more lines than a male in his prime. It gave him an uncanny, ageless appearance.

    His eyes were cold gray, almost as pale as his hair. She’d never seen the like. They gleamed, as if lit from within, seeming to pierce through her.

    Was he human or dragon? Usually facial features, combined with body language and body type were enough to answer that question.

    With him it was not so easy. He was tall for a human but leaner than most male dragons. His clothes looked to be made of expensive cloth, but they were worn and travel stained.

    The proud set of his mouth spoke clearly of dragon, as did the arch of his brow, and the lordly way he stood. No cowering human slave, for certain. He studied her with a calm, almost frightening, calculation. Didn’t he know who she was? Her father would tear him limb from limb if he dared lay a hand on her.

    “What is your name?” she demanded, rising from the fallen log.

    “You need never know.” His voice had a cool edge. He spoke three words she didn’t recognize, lifting his hand in a slow spiraling gesture.

    She tried to speak again, but her voice wouldn’t respond. Panic surged through her body as she tried to move, but nothing happened. Her legs remained planted to the ground, her arms locked at her sides, as if she had turned to stone.

    What sorcery did he wield? Magic was outlawed in her father’s land. How dare he defy the high-lord’s command?

    “You have saved me much trouble,” the stranger said, lips curving into something like a smile. It wasn’t the least bit comforting. “I didn’t know how to proceed with my plans, but you have shown me the way.”

    Help me! Please! Scared out of her wits, Oliana grasped for a mind link with her father, brother, or anyone. It didn’t matter who, just so long as they came to rescue her.

    “They won’t hear.” The stranger looked almost pitying. “I blocked your ability to link minds. There is nothing you can do.”

    Please! Save me! She screamed silently, praying he was bluffing. Could anyone steal a dragon’s mind link powers? And how did he know what she thought? Was he telepathic?




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Dragon Soul (paperback)

Dragon Soul (paperback)

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