Battle Heat (paperback) by Kelly L Lee

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  • Holly Okeanos is alone, held against her will by the immortal that destroyed her people. Desperate for revenge, she vows to fight until her last breath to regain her freedom.The beast inside Ares must feed. His family knows darkness lies within him and they equally fear and hate him for it, but he’s the first they call when the Olympus throne is threatened. He’s struggled to control the bloodlust since the dawn of time, but only carnage sates the monster within.
    With an escalating rebellion and a resurrected Scarab to defeat, Ares doesn’t have time to deal with his infuriatingly beautiful captive, whose mere presence strangely calms the beast and settles his mind. She detests the very air he breathes, but he finds himself assailed by feelings that haven’t surfaced in over a millennia.
    Could Holly be the woman to finally quiet the beast inside him?


    Holly swallowed hard and dipped her head. The submissive posturing burned her ass, but she could see no other option. By distracting him during the fight, she effectively humiliated him in the presence of a very powerful demon, and one he called a friend. Holly knew from experience with her Titan family such mistakes couldn’t be ignored or forgiven, so she didn’t bother with an apology. He would punish her as he saw fit.

    Ares harrumphed, prompting Holly to raise her head.

    “I’m not going to punish you, though I probably should.”

    Relief washed through her, and Holly blurted the obvious question. “Why not? I distracted you and caused your defeat.”

    “Don’t flatter yourself, Titaness.” Ares scoffed and kicked the broken end of the spear at his foot. “Your girly little scream was a mild annoyance, not a distraction so monumental I would allow myself to get killed over it.”

    Holly bristled at the word girly. She was many things, but girly was not one of them. Given half a chance, she’d make him eat the word, along with a mouthful of putrid arena sand.

    Ares arched a brow at her, wiped the dagger’s blade on his leathers, and shoved it into a hidden boot sheath as he spoke again. “However, I don’t advise barging into my sparring session again, lest you find yourself dragged into my pit. Though I admit, I have half a mind to do that now, considering you want to feed me sand.”

    Try me, you smug shithead.

    The instant the thought snapped into her brain, she wanted to kick her own ass. He spent the last several minutes reading her mind. Did she honestly think he would let the insult go?

    Ares flipped his gaze up to meet hers, anger burning brightly within the depth of his molten chocolate irises. His lip twitched with a hint of satisfaction.

    “Come down here and say that.”

    His voice sounded like gravel on hot pavement. Excitement fluttered in her belly, powerless to stop the thoughts moving through her mind. Somewhere down deep, in a place she didn’t want to visit, she craved this. She wanted to be in the pit feeling the passion of a good fight. More to the point, she wanted to be there with Ares. Sweating with him, grunting against him, straining her muscles, and letting her rage boil over.


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Battle Heat (paperback)

Battle Heat (paperback)

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