Restless Spirit (paperback) by M. Kate Quinn

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  • The Ronan's Harbor Series, Book Two

    Strange things are happening at Aubrey Donner's cottage in Ronan's Harbor, NJ. Noises in the night, crashing antiques and an eerie presence all add up to only one thing: her cottage is haunted.

    Her new job hosting a pet-related program on local television finds her battling to hide her lifelong fear of dogs from local no-nonsense K-9 officer Asa Kavanaugh and his four-footed, pony-sized partner, Scout. Aubrey can't wait to be done with the duo until she realizes she can use Asa and Scout's help to wrangle her phantom. While chasing shadows, yearnings of two wounded hearts collide, banishing old fears and unveiling the possibility that true love may really exist after all.


    “When I initially asked you to bring a memento to the séance I didn’t realize we would be sitting amongst so many. It’s fine. Please, have a seat.”

    A triple-wick candle with its zealous flames had been placed in the center of the table. It cast a dancing glow over the purple covering Joanie had found downtown at Franklin’s today.

    “At this time we will place our hands on the table and stretch our fingers out wide.” Ira’s tone was authoritative. His words’ substantive quality only served to rattle Aubrey more. Her knees shook under the table.

    “Touch your pinky fingers to the person’s beside you,” Ira continued. “We are making an unbroken ring. We do this to protect against negativity.”

    Aubrey placed her hands on the table, watching out the corner of her eye at Asa beside her. His big masculine hands were outstretched. His right pinky sought and found her left. A kind of vibration extended from their connected digits, and she was tempted to pull away. She knew better than to meet his gaze she felt on her, wooing her to turn her head.

    On her other side, Joanie also placed her hands into position and pressed the tip of her smallest finger against Aubrey’s right one. One by one, they all formed an unbroken ring of their hands.

    “Let us begin,” Ira said, the cadence of his voice clergy-like. “We close our eyes and still our minds.”

    Aubrey squeezed her eyes shut, trying to keep her thoughts still as Ira had asked. But there was a big man, with a teasing dimple, sitting beside her, his electric finger pressing onto hers. She shook her head and tried to dismiss the sensation that quivered through her veins.


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Restless Spirit (paperback)

Restless Spirit (paperback)

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