Small Town Christmas (paperback) by Nicole McCaffrey

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    All Holland McCall ever wanted for Christmas or any other occasion was Tucker Callahan. Unfortunately, he was the high school jock and she an overweight, unattractive nobody. But things have changed. Holly has left the small town they grew up in and made a career for herself, with plans to move on to even greater things. Tucker, on the other hand, has just returned to town, divorced and the single father of two young girls. A visit home for the holidays and a chance encounter leaves both of them questioning everything they thought they ever wanted.

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    He chuckled. "Well, I'm divorced for real. Nothing 'almost' or 'separated' about it. It was finalized a few months ago."

    "I-I'm sorry, Tucker. Was she from around here?"

    "New York." He reached to turn up the heat on the stove. "We met in college. I was impressed that she was from such a big city, she liked that I was a small town boy."

    "But it didn't work out."

    "Ultimately, we wanted different things." He picked up his wine glass, hoping a swig would wash down the sudden bitter taste in his mouth.

    "Such as?" She stepped past him and took up the spoon, scraping the pumpkin from the other shell as he had. For a moment the warmth of her body, the sweet fragrant smell of her, the sight of her slender feminine hands as she worked stalled all coherent thought.

    She looked up at him, brown eyes soft with interest. Oh yes, he remembered that look. He'd always been able to talk easily with Holly, had always had the sense she truly listened.

    "Uh ... well." He pulled in a deep breath. "All Kim was focused on was a bigger house, a newer car. Acquiring more stuff."

    "And you don't like nice things?" She glanced up at him again, then brought her thumb to her mouth to suck off a bit of pumpkin that clung to it. "Eeew, that's awful."

    "It doesn't taste very good without the spices." He took up a kitchen towel to dab off her hand. He did it without thinking, capturing her hand in the towel. Something arced between them--or was it just him?

    "I..." she said, her voice sounding hoarse.

    He inched closer, unable to keep his gaze from slipping to her lips. "What?"

    "I ... need my hand back to finish this."


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Small Town Christmas (paperback)

Small Town Christmas (paperback)

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