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A Ghost of a Chance by Katie Baldwin

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  • Spiorad Investigations Team 1

    Rory O'Brian is a man haunted by his past—by the best friend he couldn't save and the enigmatic woman who slipped out of his grasp. Now he has a real specter to deal with. The ghostly apparition visits Rory at night, bringing bone-chilling warnings of dark things to come.
    Mina Johnson comes to his aid like a knight in shining armor. Or shiny lip gloss. As the founder of Spiorad, a paranormal investigation agency, she's the ideal person to help Rory with his mysterious ghost girl. At least, she would be, if she weren't also the woman who spent one glorious, mind-bending night with him years ago.
    As the former lovers work together to solve the mystery surrounding his home, it becomes apparent Mina is not only the perfect person to help Rory exorcise the literal ghosts in his house but to help him battle the demons of his past.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 322
    Word Count: 77080
    978-1-5092-2404-3 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2405-0 Digital


    Rory O’Brian couldn’t move. The pressure on his chest made breathing seem impossible. A cold sweat covered every inch of his immovable frame. How could he be conscious, but unable to move? He willed his fingers to make the slightest shift. Nothing.

    There was no reason for his lack of mobility. With extraordinary effort, he was able to open his eyes. He tried to move something else—even wiggling a toe—without success. The rest of his body refused his relentless appeals for movement. All he could do was watch and listen, a witness to whatever woke him in the first place.

    His eyes, which could only stare forward, caught the subtle motion of his bedroom door. Sweat beaded on his forehead as dread settled deep in his belly. The door closed so slowly that it reminded him of a childish prank. Like something his brother would have done years ago. When the door reached inches from the frame, it slammed shut so powerfully the framed photos on his bureau clattered to the ground.

    Rory exploded out of bed.

    He looked around his room, breathing heavily, his T-shirt wet with perspiration. A cursory scan around the space found nothing out of place save for the fallen photos. Had it been a nightmare? More importantly, was it over? His body pulsed with adrenaline as if it still perceived danger, yet he couldn’t determine whether it was a real threat or the echoes of a dream.

    A muffled yowl shifted his attention to his tiny Chihuahua, Pierre, who was agitated by the noise. He was also shivering. What a terrific parent Rory was turning out to be. The poor dog had never entered his mind. As he walked over to soothe his grumpy pup, he glanced around and frowned. The scent of patchouli oil clung to the chilled air, a clear sign despite normal appearances, something was different, almost foreign.

    Pierre settled into the rattling dog version of a purr as he stroked the dog’s back soothing himself and his pet. The normalcy of his snoring dog helped relax his nerves, and he took his first deep breath since waking up in the Twilight Zone. Rory tried to put the pieces of the weird late-night puzzle together. His priority was the peculiar cold that seemed to cling to the air as much as the smelly hippie oil. It was a warm night. He recalled turning the air conditioning down because he loved to burrow under the blankets.

    He blew out a deep breath and started in shock as a puff of air formed into a mini-cloud near his mouth. As out of sorts as he was, he shouldn’t have been able to see his breath in July, especially not in Virginia.


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A Ghost of a Chance

A Ghost of a Chance

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