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Heart of the Storm by Debbie Peterson

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  • DEA agent Aliyana Montijo must stop a drug lord's killing orders and find a government mole. With a contract on her head, she trusts no one. While heading back to Florida with evidence, lightning strikes her plane. As it careens into the ocean, she thinks she sees a pirate ship. What she finds is a dashing and most unlikely ally.
    Four centuries ago, Wolfaert Dircksen Van Ness captained a vessel for the Dutch West Indies Company. Then an unearthly storm in the Bermuda Triangle blew him into a parallel dimension. After rescuing Aliyana from a similar tempest, he finds himself drawn to the courageous beauty and wants to aid her mission.
    In the midst of danger, the two find themselves falling in love. Then a misunderstanding tears them apart, perhaps forever…

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 378
    Word Count: 96500
    978-1-5092-2473-9 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2474-6 Digital


    Aliyana Montijo slipped out of bed fully dressed in head-to-toe black clothing. She inched toward the bedroom door and crept down the hallway, one cautious footstep at a time.

    If they found her outside her room, Emil Mercado wouldn’t wait for the final test before he executed her as he so callously planned. Her one advantage? The man had no idea she knew what he had in store for her. The moment she had finished the installation of his new security system, her name topped his list for termination. That didn’t mean an amiable exit after the conclusion of her job, either. This Colombian drug lord would accept nothing less than her death.

    The sanctity of life meant very little to Mercado. For those who knew his secrets, it meant nothing at all. Of course, if she had encouraged his romantic advances she might’ve bought herself another month or two. Yeah, not likely. I’d just as soon take my chances at escaping this place right now, thank you very much. The very thought of that man touching her made her skin crawl. Besides, she was just about to get everything else she needed to finish up her part in this mission.

    Aliyana paused just outside the doorway to his private office, clutching her cloned RFID card a little tighter. As she peeked over her shoulder, she swiped it through the scanner. The low blip granted access. Once again, she gazed down the hallway, searching for the smallest movement or shadow. All remained quiet.

    She turned toward the door and touched the numbers on the keypad. Over the course of the past few weeks, she’d collected that four-digit code, one number at a time. Would those numbers still work? In answer to the question, a single click disturbed the silence. She let herself inside. So far, the race against the hands of the clock continued without a hitch.

    Under the low security lights, she walked to the desk and turned on the computer. All the while, her heart hammered inside her chest. Each of her fingers took turns pressing against her thumb, as she waited for the boot up process. The simple procedure shouldn’t take this long, should it?

    Whew! Finally.

    Aliyana slipped her small flash drive into the hub and using her own embedded codes, bypassed Emil’s ever-changing password. She selected all the files she needed. A few more keyboard strokes and the critical information began the transfer from his machine and into her flash drive. She’d need about five minutes.

    Halfway through the download Aliyana took a closer look at the bulletin board Emil must’ve recently hung. An oversized map of the United States centered the panel. The map contained a series of tiny colorful dots inside the boundaries of Maryland and Virginia. She didn’t understand the meaning of those dots, nor could she decipher their significance now. Nothing else on the cluttered board warranted her interest.

    Aliyana shivered in apprehension. She rubbed her arms against the chill as she returned to the desk and checked the progress of the transfer. Another twenty-eight seconds and she’d be home free. As her gloved hand hovered above the flash drive, she caught sight of a small stack of papers off to the right. A bright red circle on the top left-hand side of the page grabbed her attention. In bold lettering, the name of the director of the Drug Enforcement Administration headed the page. His home address as well as the identity of his wife and children followed.


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Heart of the Storm

Heart of the Storm

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