Blooming Justice by Peggy Chambers

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  • Keystone Lake Series

    Erin Sampson always wanted to be an attorney like her aunt. But until she experiences a real taste of injustice, she has no idea what the legal field is all about. After being sexually harassed at the senior prom by a boy she went to school with, she finds out he has escalated from bullying to rape.

    Working in her aunt's law firm while going to college, she has an opportunity to help find justice for all the women who deserve it. It is a long way from her mother's flower shop to a law office; and a long way from the little town by the lake she grew up in to the Tulsa County Courthouse. But Erin will do whatever it takes to end the terror and protect the women on her campus.

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 282
    Word Count: 69905
    978-1-5092-2272-8 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2273-5 Digital


    Erin Sampson received her high school diploma this year, crossing over into adulthood. And the last step in that rite of passage, the senior prom, was always a big deal. Regardless of how many times she told herself otherwise, she knew better. After high school, she planned to live at home and work her way through college and law school at her mother’s flower shop. Mom needed her—and she needed the money. Not a girly girl, she knew the value of work and had her feet on the ground.

    But the senior prom—a dream come true.

    Or maybe a nightmare.

    “Why did he ask me at the last minute?” Erin whined.

    “Because he’s a guy? You know how some boys are.” Erin’s mother, Alice, tied a bow on a plant.

    “I thought I’d never have a chance with Todd of all people. I’d just go with Bernadette if I went at all. And I have nothing to wear.”

    “Your Aunt Toni has lots of clothes she would loan you. You know she loves to dress you up. She should have had a daughter. If she had, though, she wouldn’t be a partner in a law firm, I imagine. She wouldn’t be invited to all the social and political affairs. She wouldn’t drive a fancy car and have all the things that go with her life.” Alice sat the plant aside and tied a second bow to match the first.

    Small town Mannford sat on Keystone Lake near Tulsa, Oklahoma. The tiny nook in the giant grocery store that served as the flower shop would be packed with seniors preparing for the prom tomorrow. Today the workers prepared in advance of the onslaught.

    “Ask Aunt Toni.”

    “Do you wish you were her, Mom?” Erin took the first plant and placed it in the delivery box with the others.

    “No, babe. I like my life just like it is. I wouldn’t change a thing, except still having your dad around. If I could change anything it would be to keep him a little longer and prevent that truck from sliding off the road. But since he’s not here, it’s just us girls. I have you, and that’s enough. You’re the one who wants to be like your aunt.” Alice smiled at her daughter and placed the last plant in the box.

    “Do you think Aunt Toni would loan me the silver strappy one?” Erin saw Aunt Toni in the dress the night she came by the house on the way to an event and fell in love with it.

    “I think she would loan you anything you want. Okay, that is the last of the deliveries. Can you get those out for us?”

    Erin grabbed the keys to the delivery van and kissed her mother’s cheek. “I’ll call Aunt Toni on the road.”

    “Use the speaker on your cell and drive carefully,” her mother shouted as Erin ran out the shop door.

    Just another day at the flower shop. Erin always came by after school and helped her mother. But tomorrow the school sponsored the prom and Mom and the women at the shop were busier than normal.


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Blooming Justice

Blooming Justice

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