Once Upon a Snowy Moon by Cheyenne Meadows

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  • When her date bails on her, Tara decides she's had it with men. On her way home from the disastrous date, she hits a large dog with her car. There's no question she's keeping him. After all, dogs are faithful—unlike the men in her life.
    Max is on the run after he and his alpha escape a violent coup. Exhausted, he doesn't see the car until it's too late, but he does see the woman who mistakenly believes he's a dog. While she takes care of him, Max has to figure out what's next, while keeping the woman he's beginning to fall for safe from his enemies.
    Tara's new dog is everything she hoped for, but there's one major problem—he's not a dog. He's a wolf shifter. Now Max must convince her to trust him at the same time that he's trying to save his alpha's life. Until that happens, love is not in the picture—for him or Tara.

    Rating: Hot  
    Page Count: 378
    Word Count: 97256
    978-1-5092-2413-5 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2414-2 Digital


    Chapter 1


    Men suck.

    Tara cut one more scathing glare to the guy who was supposed to be her blind date for the evening, spun around, and ran smack into a solid wall of a man wearing a dark suit. A fleeting scent of subtle cologne waved through the air, adding to the overall picture of a built guy with expensive taste. Attractive and wealthy normally caught a woman’s eye. Not hers and certainly not right now. Especially since she just happened to greatly dislike the opposite sex as a whole. “Oh, excuse me.”

    He steadied her and offered up a crooked smile, his blue eyes catching her attention. “No worries.” His grin faded. “Are you all right? You seem distracted.”

    She nodded, all too eager to leave the establishment and the source of her latest debacle. “Yes, thanks for asking. My date just sank like the Titanic so I might as well get going. Nothing worth hanging around here for now.” Pushing past the guy, she hurried to the parking lot and her waiting car.

    Tara opened the door, tossed her purse to the passenger seat with a huff, then plopped down. A quick jerk settled the seat belt over her before she clicked it into place. “I swear. What’s the point of going out on dates when they all end up being creeps? I can find those on my own. Already have. Like a legion of them.” She shoved the key into the ignition and cranked the engine as a shiver rolled through her. Her long coat didn’t curb the frigid wind, not when she started out wearing a frilly blouse, slacks, and flats. Unfortunately, the car’s heater would take a bit to warm up but at least she had shelter from the mess outside.

    Snow came down hard, with large flakes landing on her windshield, nearly obscuring the view until she clicked the wiper blades. The defrost on high helped to melt them as they landed, only to be shoved away as liquid with each swipe of the blade. January in Minnesota never was for the faint of heart.

    “The perfect ending to a crappy day.” She’d been excited about the upcoming event. Sort of. After the fiasco of the last three, things had to be better. Or so she thought. Too bad this guy took one look at her, and a flicker of disappointment and disgust covered his face. He greeted her, drew her toward the bar, then he changed direction and struck up a conversation with a skinny beauty perched on a nearby seat when Tara excused herself to go to the bathroom. By the time she returned, he ignored her and seemed planted on the bar stool, entranced with the lithe redhead next to him.

    Tara took the hint.

    Loneliness had followed her around like a dark cloud day in and day out for the past few months. She saw all her friends happily tie the knot and move forward with their lives to other parts of the country with equal parts sadness and envy. It left Tara the remaining single woman out of the large group of good friends from Wells dorm at State College.

    She wanted what they had. Happiness. Love. A companion for a lifetime of adventure. Someone to come home to every night and to hold her as they slept. Is that asking too much?


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Once Upon a Snowy Moon

Once Upon a Snowy Moon

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