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Trial of a Warrior by Mary Morgan

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    978-1-5092-2358-9 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2359-6 Digital


    Chapter One


    Beneath the Hill of Tara, Ireland—Winter, the season of contemplation and meditation in the Fae Realm.


    Snowflakes danced in a prism of muted colors over the top of the glass dome. They glittered from the weak sunlight, casting an eerie glow inside his prison. Each snowflake in the Fae realm was unique, existing for a solitary moment in time until they became one with the others. Their beauty was a constant he had always taken for granted and disregarded.

    Now they mocked him with their freedom, melting in a puddle of water and rolling down the sides of the walls.

    As Liam stood rooted to the ground, he continued to become fixated with the swirling mass above him. Envy and bitterness dug their claws into his soul, and his gut soured.

    How many seasons had he witnessed? Was it a full four? Time no longer concerned him. He understood his fate. Yet, he could not fathom why the Fae council made him endure an isolated existence in the Room of Reflection. Death should have come swiftly upon his return.

    When he first arrived, Liam had prepared himself for the welcome of death’s embrace and fought with his guards when he was placed inside his prison. No news was given to him. Only food, drink, books, and writing materials were provided. Even his attempt to reason with his captors only brought silence from his guards.

    Days, weeks, and months bled into the next, and he cursed them all for abandoning him here.

    With each new season, the tide of melancholy wove its way into his soul—splintering more of the Fae warrior. However, he refused to give into despair and shadows. His anger became a fortitude of strength. His control became his shield. He harnessed and fought back the anguish within his soul. Often times he lashed out at Mother Danu, begging for advice. And she responded in riddles, confusing him further.

    “Stone me, flog and strip the skin from my bones, but do not leave me in this pit of despair and silence. I am ready for my death. Let it be done!”

    Letting out a frustrated sigh, Liam lifted his hand upward and stretched his fingers as far as he could extend. “I may not feel the icy sting of your touch, but I remember.”

    He balled his hand into a fist and lowered his arm. The elements tormented him within his soul, and he shook with rage. Anger at those who continued to ignore him. Anger at the injustice of laws he sought to change during his lifetime.

    His own people kept him a prisoner in a cell, tormenting Liam with what he could not control. The ability to manipulate his own fate and to touch the passing seasons. His prison was a mockery.

    Nonetheless, each day he honored the passing of the light and dark. He remained steadfast in his training, and refused to succumb to the darkness—tempting his soul to lash out at any who came near him.

    Defeat was not an option. It had been drilled into him since his induction into the Brotherhood. Though the great warrior was dead, Liam heard the words repeatedly in his mind by their leader and mentor, Aidan Kerrigan.

    “I will not fail you, Aidan. Ever.”


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Trial of a Warrior

Trial of a Warrior

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