The Fifth Victory by Lael R. Neill

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  • Sam Swift and his partner, Jose Martin, run a fixed base operation at a small regional airport in central Texas.  They specialize in the restoration of antique aircraft, and they own a P-51D Mustang and a Mitchell B-25 medium bomber, both from WWII.
    When they contract to restore a German Messerschmitt BF-109 fighter of the same era, strange things begin to happen.  At first it is only misplaced tools and small items, aircraft mysteriously moved, and the arrival of Messerschmitt parts they had not ordered.
    Is it possible that having mortal enemies in the same hangar has roused the ghosts of their wartime pilots, one with a goal of making ace with his all-important fifth victory?

    Rating: non-romance
    Page Count: 38
    Word Count: 9842
    978-1-5092-2393-0 Digital


    The moon had looked down on thousands of battlefields, ancient and new, where armies clashed and sounds of conflict rang. Indifferent that yet another battle would be fought beneath its chill light, it ruled the sky, secure in the knowledge that it would always do so.

    Out of the dark maw of a hangar, an aircraft taxied into the stark moonlight. It announced its presence boldly, light flashing from its mirror-bright wings and fuselage. It moved across the ramp and onto the taxiway beyond, engine and propeller belling a challenge. A quick run-up and a last-minute check sufficed at the end of the runway, and Old 47 seized the air and began flying. Her gear came up and she pulled into a max climb. She had a rendezvous to keep. Old 47 ate the altitude, her altimeter winding toward her destiny at Angels’ 10. She leveled out in the cold, still air, and met her enemy, a dark, sinister silhouette against the moon. The two fighters turned toward each other, making a slow, deliberate head-on pass. The insubstantial pilots snapped a salute, a last, gentlemanly gesture beyond which all scruples would be put aside.


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The Fifth Victory

The Fifth Victory

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