Captive Hearts by Gina Leuci

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    Grace Adams has discovered the true reason she was brought to the gated town of Wellington. Now she wants to leave more than ever.  With the security level of the town raised to fortress level she is forced to marry the town's police chief. Hoping to gain the trust of the townsfolk, they pretend to make their marriage look real. It isn't long before their game of deceit and reality blur together.

    When Police Chief Caleb Wellington returned to his hometown, he had his own reasons for increasing the town's security. Now, he sees the town for what it is: a prison. His relationship with Grace opens feelings he hasn't had in a while. The last thing he wants to do is say goodbye. But he made a promise to get her home and he is a man of his word.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 298
    Word Count: 80100
    978-1-5092-2347-3 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2348-0 Digital


    Chapter One


    “Wake up, Grace.”

    I heard the voice, but I resisted. Mornings aren’t my best time. “Five minutes,” I mumbled.


    It was a male voice. That was the first thing to register. Second was the sound came from beneath me. I realized then that I was practically wrapped around a very warm, very hard, masculine man. I opened my eyes and met the steely blue ones belonging to Caleb Wellington.

    Memories of a storm the day before and the two of us seeking shelter under an overhang of rocks invaded my moment of lucidity. We’d fallen asleep with him spooned against me under the rocks, behind the curtain of branches he’d used to protect us from the driving rain. At some time during the night, I not only turned around, I’d crawled up onto him, more than likely trying to find comfort on something other than the uneven surface under my body.

    I barely had a moment to catch up with my brain before another voice, one that sent immediate shivers down my spine, let me know we were no longer alone. “You really screwed the pooch this time.”

    Damn. Roger Wellington, the town manager of Wellington, Pennsylvania—and my current arch nemesis—was here. I had only seconds before I recognized the branches we used last night to shelter us within our rock hideaway were no longer in place. Instead, there were several denim-clad legs and boots blocking the morning sun.

    “Get them out of there,” Roger ordered.

    Before my morning brain had time to function, two sets of legs knelt on the ground and hands were on my arms and legs, pulling me away from the warm body I’d lain on all night.

    “What the…” I sputtered as I slid across the dirt, face down.

    “No need to be so rough.” My human pillow’s deep timbre was muffled as he rolled out into the open before he, too, was manhandled and lifted to his feet.

    Officers Tom and Brent reached out to hold Caleb by his arms, as though he had done something wrong. Mine were still held by Officer Greg on one side and the town’s computer and security expert, Randy, on the other.

    Why did it suddenly feel like this was not a rescue mission for two people who’d been trapped in a storm? I looked at the man who’d protected me in more ways than one the day before. Caleb’s gaze looked hooded and closed off as he faced his boss, while the town’s top elected official wore a smug expression.

    “Don’t say a word,” the older man warned. “I have four witnesses to how the two of you were wrapped around each other.” He turned to me, his gaze moving up and down my body, taking in my clothes that had seen better days before shaking his head and giving me a dismissive snort.

    My foggy morning brain finally woke. This wasn’t a rescue. This was about my rejection of Roger’s precious son. I shuddered at just the thought of Leland. Yesterday he’d informed me that the story about my summer internship had all been a lie. Nine of us had been lured to Wellington, not to spend the summer out in the country, free of computers and phones like we’d believed, but to be forced into marriage with one of the Wellingtons. Leland had chosen me, and when he’d tried to take things too far, I fought him off. The arrival of Caleb, the town’s police chief, had not been as fortunate in Lee’s mind, and a bad situation turned even worse.


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Captive Hearts

Captive Hearts

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