By Reservation Only by Barbara Edwards

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  • Deerbourne Inn Book One

    It's the grand opening of The Deerbourne Inn! Award-winning Chef Nathan Harte has worked long and hard to restore this historic property in Willow Spring, Vermont. He's ready to greet his guests with fine cuisine, comfortable rooms, and maybe even a ghost or two.
    He's escaping the rat-race of the city for a slower more rewarding life, but is he ready to deal with a broken arm, a quirky arsonist, and a long-ago mystery? And what might he find up in the three-hundred-year-old attics?

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 156
    Word Count: 37707  
    978-1-5092-2400-5 Digital


    Chapter One


    Award-winning Chef Nathan Harte wiped the new granite kitchen counter before pouring himself a fresh cup of coffee. Dawn cast a soft glow over the Vermont hills bracketing the town of Willow Springs.

    A mixture of cinnamon, apple, and nutmeg scented the kitchen. He checked everything was cleaned and put away. Was it really done? After all this time? Satisfaction and pride welled in his chest. Being compulsively neat could be considered a burden, but he regarded it as a basic necessity. He eyed the antique cake-stands of muffins, apple turnovers, and coffee cake he’d baked since three a.m.

    Although many had advised him to keep the kitchen to the period of the inn, as a professional chef, he couldn’t do it. He had to have top of the line. The best. If he was to create memorable meals, he had to have the right tools. He listened to his cousin Liz and her internet searches on historical accuracy for every other room at the inn. Just not in here. This was his. All his.

    The antique clock in the front foyer chimed six times. Perfect. He’d started at three this morning and everything was done. Getting his morning routine down to just the right time was necessary for when his guests were here.

    The handymen coming in to finish a number of details would appreciate the snacks. Planning how long it took to provide the day’s breakfast had been easy after fifteen years cooking everything from omelets to Eggs Benedict.

    A ballad from the sixties played on the one local radio station. Not really his favorites, the selection of music from the fifties and sixties held nostalgia for the locals. A smile curved his mouth.

    His six foot three inches made it easy to reach the top shelves in the new cabinets. With his rangy build accustomed to the last months working outdoors as well as inside, he felt fantastic.

    Satisfied the new granite counters and warm cherry cabinets gleamed, he ran a hand along the back of the banquette. The green cushions added a homey touch. Eating breakfast here provided a wonderful view through the wide expanse of glass. Herbs thrived in green and yellow pots along the windowsills. He snipped a basil leaf and sniffed the fresh scent.

    Copper pots shone from a large pot hanger over the counter. Two sub-zero refrigerators hugged the outer wall and a commercial stove dominated the other counter along with double ovens. The dumbwaiter and servant stairwell occupied the corner.

    Small details made the space personal. Across the inside wall, his framed awards mingled with the artwork Liz had hung. The attic had been a treasure trove of items that his cousin had brought down and incorporated to make the contemporary kitchen cozier. Glass-fronted cabinets displayed depression-era glassware and fine porcelain teacups.


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By Reservation Only

By Reservation Only

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