Just What I Kneaded by Karen C. Whalen

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  • A Dinner Club Murder Mysteries Book 5

    While shopping for bread to serve at her gourmet dinner party, Jane Marsh overhears the pastry chef's murder in the bakery's kitchen. The killer also destroys an elaborate and expensive wedding cake made for a celebrity couple.
    To recoup the loss, the bakery owner files a lawsuit against his insurance company, a client of the law firm where Jane works.
    With a murderer on the loose, and Jane as the only potential witness, she must solve the crime in order to defend her client...and take a killer off the streets.

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 300
    Word Count: 76222
    978-1-5092-2178-3 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2179-0 Digital


    The rock star blushed and said in his British way, “Jane rescued me from the clutches of the coppers. They were questioning me like a common bloke. Me, Vaughn Zachman!” He stuck out his chest.

    “They were just doing their job, Vaughn.” Jane took a seat opposite the famous rock star, and her friends found places to lean against the tiny doorway and walls in the crowded, decked-out tour bus.

    “It was pretty exciting, actually.” Vaughn flashed a smoking hot smile, like the sensitive, brooding James Dean with a little of Johnny Depp thrown in. “Never thought I’d find a dead body. Did they catch the guy who stabbed that baker?”

    “No.” Jane cast a glance at Dale and waved her arm first toward him, then at the other two. “This is my fiancé, Dale. I told you about him. And these are my friends, Doug and Olivia Ladner.”

    Vaughn became chummy, saying any mates of Jane’s were mates of his. He gave them all bear hugs in turn. “I’ll never forget Jane, here. She waited while the cops grilled me, and she made sure I got away from them. She was even going to call her attorney for me.”

    “Just my boss. I’m sure he would’ve rushed over.” Jane patted his arm. “I wonder why they questioned you for so long. I was the one who saw the killer, who heard his voice.” She stared off for a moment. “I’ll never forget those voices.” Jane could almost smell the cake just thinking about it.

    They both shivered, sharing a memory no one but the two of them could completely understand.


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Just What I Kneaded

Just What I Kneaded

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