Until We Say Goodbye by Jane Drager

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  • In Manhattan for a special art course, small-town teacher Lauren Howell meets her roommate's gorgeous brother and sparks fly. Stiffed by an ex-fiancé and wary of another relationship, she establishes a rule—friends and only friends.

    City-bred and wealthy, entrepreneur Deems Lambert is fascinated by the fiercely independent Lauren and would love to make her New York stay easy. Her insistence on friendship proves puzzling, but he accepts her terms.

    An assault in Central Park changes everything. Deems discovers two men in hot pursuit of Lauren's backpack. When one man winds up dead, the other man attempts a desperate move, and Deems scrambles to tighten Lauren's security. Throwing the friendship pact out the window, Lauren turns to Deems for comfort, and their relationship grows hot and heavy fast. But Deems overlooked one security flaw. With Lauren's life in grave danger, Deems struggles to reach her before he's too late.

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 334
    Word Count: 85240
    978-1-5092-2314-5 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2315-2 Digital


    “We’ll go to the bedroom together. Otherwise, I’ll blow off your head.” He yanked on her arm.

    Gun or no gun, she wasn’t one to be pushed around. I’m dead anyway. Lauren swung a fist toward his head while simultaneously lifting a knee to his groin.

    He released a loud oomph and buckled but recovered to swing the gun at her head.

    Metal impacted. Bone cracked. The room whirled.

    Eric clutched her throat and jammed the gun between her eyes.

    The metal felt cold against her skin, and the distinct smell of gun oil hit her nose. Images of her father and brother hunting groundhogs passed through her mind. Strange to think of something so silly when the hand gripping her throat tightened against her airway. Her father would never forgive her if she didn’t fight. Pain ignored, she again kneed Eric’s groin and buckled him enough to loosen his hold. But she hit the floor, too dizzy to escape. Nausea churned her stomach. She crawled along the floor, struggling to clear her vision. Blood dripped onto the white carpet. Oh, my God, Mrs. Stewart’s rug!

    Eric released a harsh laugh, jerked her to her feet, and struck her jaw with the pistol.

    Her head snapped, and a gray glaze covered her vision. She lost all sense of place and time. No sounds registered. No one rushed to the rescue. Eric forced her onto feet that refused to move. So, this is what it’s like to die.


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Until We Say Goodbye

Until We Say Goodbye

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