Magic in the Mountains by Donna Kunkel

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  • Aspen Glen Series

    Sick and tired of magical men and mayhem, Alex a city witch, pledges to give magic a rest.  Her vow is put to the test when she finds herself snowbound with a hunky mortal.  She attempts life without magic even when faced with a demonic hen, a cow that acts like a dog, and a dog that acts human.  But when all magic breaks loose and a unicorn shows up, it's the last straw.   How will she keep her magic a secret?

    Steve, a reclusive prospector, lives alone in a remote Colorado valley because he doesn't trust himself around humans, especially those of the female persuasion.  Once he meets the feisty Alex, breaking self-imposed rules is just the beginning.  But how can he keep her safe from what lives inside him?

    Their connection grows, but the secrets they hide keep them from confessing their feelings.  Will they be able to accept and control who and what they are in time to give their love a chance?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 356
    Word Count: 90658  
    978-1-5092-2310-7 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2311-4 Digital


    Chapter 1


    Another blast of arctic wind seized her car in its frozen claws and shoved it maliciously. The little sub-compact was no match for the ferocity of the storm. Alex Klein tightened her hold on the steering wheel. As soon as she’d headed into the mountains east of Grand Junction, Colorado, her little car had been buffeted by the unforgiving wind. Then the sky started dumping snow, reducing visibility to only a few feet at times. So far, the wind had cleared the road of most of the snow, but it still slowed her down.

    “If I get caught in this storm, I’ll miss my date with Jason.” Alex thumped her steering wheel. All those days timing her arrival at work to ride an elevator up with Jason would be for nothing. And she’d finally gathered enough courage to ask him out. He was a normal, everyday, mundane guy. No magic, no freaky pets, no boasting about how much power he had. An accountant for crying out loud. An accountant wouldn’t be caught in a snowstorm in the mountains of Colorado. She needed an accountant in her life.

    She passed over another mountain ridge and encountered the full force of the storm. The lanes had disappeared as the snow piled up even deeper. She sighed. “Why did I pick this month to not use magic? I could have been back to Denver and home in minutes instead of driving for hours.” Sick and tired of magical men, she wanted to find someone normal, like Jason. She’d pledged to not use magic for thirty days to see if she could live normally. Just because she had magic didn’t mean anything when it came to controlling the elements.

    She checked her odometer again.

    “Only a few miles to the next exit.” She tried to remain hopeful, but those last few miles stretched on and on. An exit sign emerged through the blowing snow and the barricade had been lowered, closing the highway beyond. She eased her car down the ramp, following the faint tire tracks from other vehicles, then the tracks disappeared.

    “Now which way?” There was always some type of hotel near an exit with a barricade. Something that would keep travelers from getting stranded. The weather in the Colorado mountains could be so finicky. It wasn’t unusual to get thirty-six inches of snow in one storm system. That’s how the ski slopes could end up with a ninety-six-inch base.

    She looked left, right, and ahead, but no buildings, lights, or even signs were visible in the blowing snow. The mountains were closer on the left, but there seemed to be more room on the right. A hotel was probably there. She inched her car along the road that headed off to the right.

    After several minutes, there still weren’t any signs or even a single building and the road became a narrow channel between the looming mountains. “Damn it. I missed the hotel. It must have been the other way.” She gripped the wheel even tighter. The road had now become impossible to turn around in, to say nothing about the steep drop-off on the right side of the road. The only option was to proceed and look for any kind of building that might offer a little shelter.

    “Shit. Why didn’t I leave earlier?” People would find her frozen body out here and comment about how much of an idiot she’d been.

    There were so few times when she could visit with her friends, and the storm wasn’t supposed to hit until tomorrow. Of course, the weather forecasters were quite often wrong.


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Magic in the Mountains

Magic in the Mountains

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