The Slayer by Brenda Huber

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  • Chronicles of the Fallen Book 1

    Born of heaven, forged in hellfire and damnation, Xander roams the earth as an unlikely protector of the innocent. Embroiled in a demon uprising, Xander must help his brothers-in-arms recover four Sacred Relics rumored to be Lucifer’s downfall.  The stakes are simple.  If he fails, the boundaries between Hell and Earth will crumble. If he succeeds, long-awaited salvation could be his. But when a beautiful innocent is caught in the crossfire, the price of redemption could be too steep.
    Kyanna Hughes has been sworn to protect a Sacred Relic at all costs. From the cradle, she was taught to hate all things demon, but her attraction to Xander turns everything she’s been taught upside down. But Kyanna is not only a Guardian, she’s also in possession of secrets so dangerous that to keep them out of demon hands even the angels in Heaven would see her dead.

    Rating: Hot
    Page Count: 334
    Word Count: 82759
    978-1-5092-2198-1 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2199-8 Digital


    Chapter One


    Pain ripped through his chest. Breath-stealing, mind-numbing, can-barely-function-through-the-agony pain. Fiery acid sizzled and smoked, eating through his leather jacket, stripping flesh from bone. Xander gritted his teeth and fell back, ducking behind the smoldering remains of a rusted two-door hatchback. He tore off the jacket, dropped it on the crumbling, weed-choked asphalt and clawed at what was left of his shirt. Xander mopped grimy sweat and splatters of venom from his brow with the back of his forearm, inadvertently smearing the vile toxin across his brow and down one cheek. He hissed as the acidic venom burned away more skin.

    Plasma balls crackled and hissed in the stillness, showering down around him, exploding in the night like grounded fireworks. With blackened sweat dripping down his face, he glared at the mangled bomber jacket that was rapidly disintegrating in a ball of noxious smoke and swore. Profusely.

    He could damn Lucifer to Hell and back for his dogged tenacity, but that was pointless. He’d expected nothing less, had known what he was getting into when he’d joined forces with Niklas and the others in rebellion. That still didn’t mean he had to meekly accept his place at the top of Lucifer’s ten most wanted list.

    A bad bit of intel had wasted the better part of his day, sending him shimmering from one country to the next. He’d zigzagged back and forth across the globe—this trip ’round the bend had taken him to Panama, Nicaragua, Algeria and a dozen other hole-in-the-wall, rebel-seething countries that had come out the wrong end of one revolution or another—only to end up back in Minnesota, less than fifty miles from where he’d started.

    Would this search never end?

    Xander ducked as another plasma ball whizzed past his head and exploded in the darkness in a wild spray of sparks. Peeking his head around the fender, he spied six more demons spilling from the building. Where were they all coming from? Settling on his haunches, forearms braced on his knees, he tipped his head back and closed his eyes, expelling a weary breath.

    Unfortunately, the others weren’t having any better luck than he was. Nearly a year of following one useless lead after another had begun to stretch their collective patience to the limit. And there wasn’t much of that precious commodity to begin with. Except for maybe Sebastian. The Demon of Vengeance didn’t know the meaning of the word quit.

    But they all knew what hung in the balance, and that threat was the only thing keeping them focused. Who would have ever thought, after all these centuries of rebellion against Lucifer, they’d be indirectly working to keep him in power down under—so to speak. But the bottom line was, if Lucifer fell, so too would fall the boundaries between Earth and Hell. Demons would overrun the Earth. Armageddon would ensue. Blah. Blah. Blah.

    Strange how the choices you make come back to kick you in the teeth.


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The Slayer

The Slayer

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