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  • For seventeen-year-old Evan, graduation means the freedom to leave behind her small-town life and find where she belongs. She never expected it to be in a different world.

    Across time and space, deep in a mysterious jungle, Evan discovers the hidden heritage of her mother's people and her own legacy. She becomes their elemental, a protector gifted with the power to control nature. The role has its challenges, but the biggest is the inexplicable connection with her scarred bodyguard, Ren. Frustrated and fascinated by him, Evan resists the magnetic pull after realizing there's
    more to it than simple attraction.

    Claiming her birthright reignites the wrath of a ruthless enemy with a score to settle. To protect her new family, Evan will need to call on her formidable power. But embracing it could cause her to lose herself and the man who holds her heart.

    Page Count: 346
    Word Count: 89707
    978-1-5092-2216-2 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2217-9 Digital


    Chapter One


    The blare of music and drunken squeals bounce off the weathered walls of the abandoned barn. The racket invades my refuge in the cluttered hayloft, and the stars beckon me to venture outside through the open window. I’d love nothing more than to get away from the chaos of the kegger. But as Leila likes to put it, soul sisters are always there for each other—including as designated drivers. Seeing as she’s the closest thing I have to a sister, I’m duty-bound.

    So here I sit on the same old wooden crate, playing the same old game of Avoid the Splinters while I wait for the night to end. As usual, the crate is winning.

    On the bright side, tonight marks the end of a long, painful era. No more football games for pep band or having to explain homework in plain English. Few things are worse for an introvert than being constantly surrounded by others.

    To say I’m relieved high school is finally over is a major understatement.

    A cool breeze drifts from the window, lifting strands of my hair to tickle my neck. The earthy sweetness of long grasses and weeds weave with the fruity scents of the fir and cedar trees bordering the overgrown fields surrounding the barn. The familiar combination is as soothing as the night sky. Sometimes, if I plug my ears and focus on just those things, it’s like I’m the only one here.

    Something dark sails across my peripheral, glinting as it spins before smashing into a wall stud. The beer bottle explodes across the hayloft, sending a barrage of brown glass into the stacks of clutter around me. The edge of the crate digs into my leg as I drop to my knees and cover my head. My messenger bag upends on the floor, spilling its insides everywhere as cheers drown out the last plink, plink, plink of raining glass.

    With my face inches from the warped floorboards, the scent and taste of stale hay and dust is overpowering. A string of words not fit to use in front of my father comes out of my mouth, and through the cracks between the slats, the party rages on without a care in the world.

    My knees start throbbing as I glare at my graduating class, and I’m forced to sit back on my heels. It helps to close my eyes and take deep breaths. The mixture of the loft’s musty air and the breeze from outside settles my nerves.

    One last night. Tomorrow’s a new start.


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