Legacy of Magic by Denise Carbo

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  • Divorced, jobless, and homeless, Cory Bishop moves to Connecticut to begin anew. She gets lost along the way and causes a car accident which does not bode well for the next chapter in her life. However, the reconnection with her great aunt provides her with direction and purpose.

    While solving a mysterious family secret, she is pursued by a charming lawyer and her exasperating neighbor who thinks arguing is a form of foreplay. But those circumstances are the least of her problems.

    Cory discovers she is a witch and must learn to control her new-found powers. An ally, a confidant, and a surprise supporter guide her, but she is almost out of time. An immortal evil wants her powers and will stop at nothing to obtain them. When the battle lines are drawn, Cory must choose who is friend or enemy. Will love save her or endanger her even more?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 234
    Word Count: 56508
    978-1-5092-2245-2 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2246-9 Digital


    A couple of swipes of mascara, a dash of color to her lips, and a pair of earrings dangling from her ears were all she had time for before the doorbell rang. A quick check in the full-length mirror made her hope she could pull off shabby chic in case he decided to go the more formal route.

    He didn’t.

    Well, maybe for him it was. His normal blue jeans were replaced with black. The customarily tight T-shirt was now a blue, button down shirt opened at the throat. Damn, it matched his eyes.

    Eyes that were making a very slow, thorough, perusal of her before meeting her gaze. “Must admit, I thought you might stand me up.”

    Now why hadn’t that occurred to her?

    “The thought never crossed my mind. I follow through when I say I’m going to do something. Although, technically I don’t think I actually accepted your invitation.”

    “Sure, you did. You said 6:15. That implied acceptance.”

    Cory rolled her eyes. “We both know if Aunt Addy hadn’t been there, I would’ve said no very clearly.”

    “Maybe, but then we’d both be left wondering what the two of us together might be like. Personally, I prefer a more direct approach.”

    Her foot began to tap. “Oh really? Maneuvering me into a date is direct? And for the record, I wouldn’t be wondering about anything. You and I are not going to get together.” Her hand waved back and forth between them. “We can’t even be in the same room for a few minutes without arguing.”

    Finn laughed. “This isn’t arguing.”

    “Oh really, what would you call it?”

    He leaned toward her and whispered, “Foreplay.”


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Legacy of Magic

Legacy of Magic

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