The Barnstormer by Jane Lewis

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  • Pilot Frankie Howard, can do no wrong when he’s flying and showing off his daredevil aerobatic skills. On the ground, trouble follows him wherever he goes, especially trouble with women. Frankie adores his best friend's sister, Ruth Ann, and endures her come-ons and rejections in an effort to capture her love. When he finds out she has a new beau, he accepts the defeat until fate steps in and changes their lives forever.
    Ruth Ann Douglas lives a charmed life as the spoiled daughter of the town pharmacist. She bewitches and teases all the boys, especially her brother’s best friend, Frankie. Her dream of becoming an actress takes her to an acting school in Atlanta where she meets Ronald Waters, a young actor. Ronald wants to win her heart, but Ruth Ann can’t forget the handsome barnstormer and the small town she tries to leave behind.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 222
    Word Count: 50483  
    978-1-5092-2221-6 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2222-3 Digital


    Ruth Ann drifted to sleep and woke when Frankie silenced the engine of the airplane. “We got here quick. I’m glad I missed the landing. It scares me to land and take-off.”

    “I didn’t know. I thought you liked to fly.” He unfastened his seat belt.

    “I do, after we’re in the air and before we land.” She waited for him to come around and help her out of the plane.

    His Ford coupe sat alone in the parking lot. He put her suitcases in the car and headed into the hangar. “I have a couple of things to do before I take you home, I won’t be long.”

    She followed him. She roamed the building to make sure Al wasn’t hiding. “I’ll wait in here with you.” Her heart raced with excitement while her stomach quivered from nerves. She wanted to kiss him, wanted him to kiss her.

    Frankie stepped to his desk and studied a piece of paper.

    She followed him, took the paper out of his hand, and placed it on the desk. She captured his hands and placed them around her waist.

    He stepped back. “What’re ya doin’?”

    She tiptoed and put her hands behind his neck and pulled his head toward her. She kissed him. The touch of his lips sent a shock wave through her body. He took control and devoured her mouth in a demanding kiss. She reveled in his scent. He smelled like musk, spice, motor oil, and the sky.




Period perfect & a wonderful read

Frankie and Ruth Ann stormed into the barn of my heart! I enjoyed these characters and was caught up in their lives so easily and fully. I did not want the book to end.

Jane’s writing transported me to 1936/7. Her expression of the characters’ thoughts seemed period perfect.

The characters are quite focused when attending to the everyday details in their lives. Their actions are deliberate and simple not rushed and chaotic as many people appear today. The way Jane described the details of the characters’ behavior allowed me to see the them as they moved about their lives. At first it was slightly disconcerting but quickly I learned to slow down & throughly enjoy the moment.

Sweetness is what I continue to come back to when remembering the characters.

Looking forward to the next book!

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    The Barnstormer

    The Barnstormer

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