Tails of Ugly Creek by Cheryel Hutton

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  • Ugly Creek Series, Book 4

    Terri Quinn lives a double existence. Half of it is as a bestselling author, the other is as a collie, which makes Ugly Creek the perfect place to be. The unique town and its odd residents fuel her muse, and she feels accepted there as both human and shapeshifter.

    Hunter Deveraux has spent most of his life trying to prove his worth to his father. He's in Ugly Creek to write a book aiming to debunk tales of the weird and unexplained that are as much a part of the town as the beautiful scenery. Jeopardizing this plan is falling for the one woman who can prove him wrong.

    Terri has no idea how to handle loving a man who must choose between his lifelong view of reality and the woman he cares about. In the clash, when fantasy proves to be reality, will love be enough?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 202
    Word Count: 49172
    978-1-5092-2163-9 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2164-6 Digital  


    Chapter One


    The marauders fell upon us…

    Okay, it was a pack of teenagers. Wild, loud, disruptive teenagers grouped together by the desire to irritate adults as much as possible without getting in trouble. From what I overheard, these were advanced-level high school students who had been sent to the public library as a learning experience. Their task was to find books for reports. So began the invasion of the normally quiet Ugly Creek Library, bringing hope to the librarians that these kids would see the importance of libraries, and annoyance to the regular patrons.

    I was, of course, there to write. I was at my regular, excellent table near a window. I’d worked for hours at home, but my characters were still talking to me, so I’d taken my trusty laptop to this magical place devoted to books. Things were going well until the invasion. I like teenagers generally, act like one quite often, but this was my career. I’m a novelist with a rapidly approaching deadline, so I take scriptum interruptus seriously.

    It’s hard to break my concentration, I write to loud music, after all, but this pack was determined. In an effort to not allow frustration to screw up the flow I’d enjoyed all morning, I took my laptop and headed toward the back where I happened to know there was one tiny table. It wasn’t a lot quieter back there, but it was better, and I’d take what I could get. I was on a roll, and I wanted to keep rolling. And no, I didn’t bring my headphones. I don’t normally use them at the library. I write to classic rock music at home, so changing to a relatively quiet environment frequently stimulates my muse.

    It only took a couple of minutes to get back into the fictional world.

    “Mind if I sit here?”

    I looked up, and standing in front of me was a tall guy wearing a bow tie. A bow tie. What the flea-bite-heck kind of dude under fifty wears a bow tie? Then again, at least he was closer to my age than to the yapping hoard of hormone charged irritants. “Sure.”

    “Thanks,” he said, as he maneuvered extra-long legs so he could sit. “You seem to have the only relatively quiet table in this place.”

    “Yes, I do.”


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Tails of Ugly Creek

Tails of Ugly Creek

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