A Girl's Best Friend by Annalisa Russo

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  • Freelance writer Retta Delaney thinks she finally has it all: her dream job at Popular Magazine, a home of her own—well, hers and the bank’s—and a sexy new neighbor, commercial artist Sam Parnetti. But their budding attraction is complicated when a fortune turns up via the mailman. Delivery of that small packet sets a terrifying clock in motion.

    Their romance might have to take a back seat to stay one step ahead of danger as the past snakes out, elusive and sinister, to threaten everyone connected to the package. A long-hidden family secret spirals to an unavoidable reality, complicating the growing affection between Retta and Sam. The couple, with a group of close friends, must put personal agendas aside to form an alliance against a malevolent enemy and the elusive truth.

    The winner takes all—but it’s hard to get answers when all the suspects are dead.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 326
    Word Count: 83335  
    978-1-5092-2169-1 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2170-7 Digital


    Sam Parnetti appreciated women, everything about them. They smelled better than his buddies, had softer skin, were sweet by nature, and biddable—at least the ones he chose for himself.

    He appreciated all types, sizes, and any measure of beauty. Some had warm smiles, some had beautiful hair, and while some were tall and willowy, others were short and curvy. He appreciated the female form and routinely drew it as a source of income. Of course, the females he drew were a bit more endowed than in real life.

    But the new one next door talking to Crazy Lady had possibilities. His first thought: her long, dark brown hair wasn’t bobbed—thank the Lord. His second, a woman with those kinds of curves could be dangerous. He’d gone a long time without a serious relationship. Jenny had cured him of thinking in terms of anything permanent, so he sought out girls who just wanted to have fun and who, like him, wanted to keep things casual. Which meant nice girls were off the list. Besides, nice girls could break your heart.

    He set the grocery bags on his new Formica counter and rummaged around inside one of them for the bottle of aspirin—the reason for the trip to the grocery store. He downed three with a long drink of water and rubbed the cool glass across his forehead. Maybe meeting Carl and Bryan at O’Rourke’s gin mill and getting ossified hadn’t been such a terrific idea. He had a cover due in two days for The Popular Magazine, and he’d yet to put brush to canvas. The first of the October issues would feature the American West, so he had to produce a cover with a handsome, virile cowboy and a lovely cowgirl to attract the buying public.

    He watched from his bay window as his new neighbor made several trips to her old flivver for more boxes. She’d used a rubber band to pull her rich brown hair into a thick tail at the nape of her neck. The bulky sweater she wore didn’t hide her generous bosom, nor did the worn trousers hide her delectable derrière. She was tall, with endless legs—he guessed about five foot eight. Strong, if the way she hefted the heavy boxes was any evidence. He wished he could get a closer look, but from a distance she appeared to be whistle bait. He wanted to paint her. Preferably with less clothing.


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A Girl's Best Friend

A Girl's Best Friend

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