Dawn of the Red Sun by Michelle O'Leary

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    Being the daughter of a megalomaniac isn’t easy. Liaena Griffin suffers abuse from her father and suspicion from his adversaries, the Shays. She’s always admired them, especially enticing Kai Shay, and needs their help to save her mother. Convincing them she’s not her father’s evil puppet won’t be a simple thing.

     Kai has never trusted Liaena, though she attracts him like no other woman. So when she offers to be their spy in exchange for rescuing her mother, his misgivings multiply. They can’t pass up this opportunity in their fight to prevent Webster Griffin from dominating the galaxy. But keeping his hands and heart to himself may be the greatest challenge he’s ever faced.
    As the epic conflict between their families draws to a close, Kai and Liaena struggle to find common ground. How do they save loved ones from a tyrant’s rule without falling for each other?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 396
    Word Count: 99960
    978-1-5092-2136-3 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2137-0 Digital


    Chapter 1


    “I must be out of my mind.” Liaena Griffin stared out the view port at the command station for Shay Enterprises. Her transport ship circled the imposing structure, waiting for permission to dock. A thousand butterflies took up residence in her stomach. She’d spent years planning and waiting for this moment, but now it seemed too soon.

    Don’t be a coward. She stiffened her spine, taking a deep breath. She’d considered every possible outcome of this visit, and short of the Shays killing her outright she had nothing to worry about. But she strove for one particular outcome, and convincing the Shays wouldn’t be easy. Years of distrust and animosity stood between them.

    Liaena pictured the fountain to steady her nerves. All things are possible. One moment of warmth in her cold world, the glimpse of a different life through the Shay children, had kept her going, steeling her resolve. The twins had shown her what could be if she stayed strong enough to make it happen.

    One fragile glimpse. The next time she’d met the Shay children, they’d lost their mother and their open warmth, watching her with eyes gone cool and wary. They’d still been charming but with a brittle insincerity, cutting right through her. Only the lessons she’d learned under the merciless hand of her father had kept her from showing the depth of her dismay.

    Over the years, she’d endured a thousand more cuts from the Shays, becoming ice in self-defense. They painted her with the same brush as Webster Griffin, assuming she acted as his tool. True enough, she had to admit, but she understood them better than her father. At least I hope I do or this trip will be a disaster.

    “We’re cleared for docking, Lady Griffin,” the pilot announced over the com, releasing another wave of butterflies in her stomach.

    “Thank you. Proceed.” Habit and training kept her voice cool and steady, her palms growing damp and apprehension clogging her throat. How would they receive her? She’d rarely spoken with them without her father looming close by. She’d never approached them on her own. The last time she’d seen Manakai Shay, he’d threatened to kidnap her.

    Taking a shaky breath, she let it out with slow control as they entered the docking bay. A part of her half-hoped he’d follow through on his threat. The memory of it ambushed her; green eyes fierce, hard fingers manacling her wrist in fire. She banished it to a far corner of her mind. Becoming a hostage might make her life easier, removing all her hard choices, but it would not end well in the long run.

    She had her own life’s calling. Becoming a pawn of the Shays in their dangerous game with her father didn’t mesh with her plan.


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Dawn of the Red Sun

Dawn of the Red Sun

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