Caged Souls by Gina Leuci

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    Spending her summer break from college in the small town of Wellington is not Grace Adams' first choice for excitement. But when her friend falls for the program's recruiter she decides to tag along. The moment Wellington’s gates lock behind them, she realizes things are not what they seem.  She knows she is in trouble when the sexy chief of police is put in charge of preventing her escape.
    Caleb Wellington is charged with keeping Grace in line after she runs afoul of the town council and local bullies.  He finds himself drawn to her, despite her tendency to challenge the rules, her constant questions, and demands for answers. After all the town needs her…doesn’t it?

    With time running out and her future at risk, Caleb must make a choice between his town and saving Grace.

    Page Count: 302
    Word Count: 77953
    978-1-5092-2053-3 Paperback
    978-1-5092-2054-0 Digital


    “What can I do for you, Grace?”

    I stopped at the edge of the seat that Caleb occupied behind the driver. “Where are we?”


    I shook my head. “Impossible. According to the website, that’s in Kansas. There is no way we drove that far overnight.”

    “I’m not sure what you looked at, but our town doesn’t have a website.”

    I think every ounce of blood rushed from my head. No longer able to stand, I sank into the seat beside him. “But, I told my parents we were going to Kansas. They’ll worry.”

    “No, they won’t.”

    I turned my head. His voice was calm. Controlled. There wasn’t enough light to fully see his expression, but I felt as though his eyes could see through me.

    “I need to call them. Tell them where I am.”

    He shook his head. “You are exactly where you said you’d be. In a town called Wellington, with no access to phones or internet. They aren’t expecting to hear from you anytime soon.”

    Shit. He spoke the truth, yet every fiber of my being screamed we were walking into something much different than what we’d been led to believe.

    My roommate was blind to anything but what her new infatuation had told her. Knowing how gullible she could be, I thought I’d done my research. Obviously, I’d been looking someplace different. Thinking on it now, it made sense a town living off the grid would not have a web presence.

    What about Jake? He’d been forced into this survival boot camp by his father who’d got his information from my parents. None of our parents would know where we were. And what about the others on board? Had they been duped too, or had I been the only one to look in the wrong place?

    “Don’t over think it.” Caleb’s baritone voice penetrated my thoughts. He didn’t seem fazed by my fear. So far, nothing appeared to ruffle this man.

    “I don’t know that I can do this,” I whispered. The line of trees ended to reveal rows of corn fields. Still no sign of a town ahead, though we’d traveled a few miles, at least, since the gate.

    “Just do as you’re told and you’ll be fine.”

    Those words didn’t reassure me. I couldn’t stay near him any longer. The man was too large. To confident. Too calm. Too much a reminder I was heading into the unknown.

    Numbly, I moved back to my seat. Our conversation must have disturbed others because I heard a few mumbles near the rear of the bus. I kept my eyes on the horizon, looking for a sign I was wrong.

    Maybe Wellington was what it claimed to be: a small town living without distractions of electronics who invited college students to help with their farming operations each summer.

    Caleb was right. This is what we signed on for; what we’d told our parents. So, I got the location wrong. Relax.


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Caged Souls

Caged Souls

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