Daemon Reckoning by Mariah Ankenman

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  • Hidden in the shadows of our world, supernatural creatures wage war for the fate of humanity.

    Euadaemons protect the innocent, Kakodaemons desire absolute power. Both have altered Krista Culver’s life. After spending the past ten years as a Drone for evil, she’s finally awake and doesn't want to waste another moment. No one will stand in the way of her kicking Kako butt. Not her sister, not her father, not even her incredibly tempting boss.

    Racine is about to go mad trying to find his evil twin brother responsible for the Kako uprising, but Rysis is in the wind. Adding to his problems, Krista returned from Enforcer training. Gone is the sweet girl. In her place is a fierce woman who stirs something deep inside. Something he thought long dead and buried.

    As their desires grow so does the danger surrounding them. The Kako threat is mounting and the time for a reckoning has come.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 192
    Word Count: 45830
    978-1-5092-1975-9 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1976-6 Digital


    A dark cloud settled over him. Someone had spoken ill of Krista, one of his Enforcers? That did not sit well with him. These people were more than coworkers, they were family. Trust was paramount for them to accomplish their mission. He couldn’t have misgiving among his ranks. And to think someone would spout such hurtful nonsense about Krista, sweet, funny, caring Krista. It made his blood boil.

    “Who?” The word tore from the tightness of his chest.


    “Who called you a freak?”

    Her beautiful blue eyes widened and she glanced to the side. “No one, it doesn’t matter.”

    The hell it didn’t. She may not want to out a fellow Enforcer for poor behavior, but he would damn well find the person who put this silly notion in Krista’s head and they would receive proper disciplinary action.

    “Everyone walks on eggshells around me,” she continued. “Even you won’t touch me unless we’re sparring.”

    What the hell was she talking about?

    “You think I won’t touch you because you’re a freak?” Women made absolutely no sense to him, this one in particular.

    She shrugged, but he saw the agony in her gaze.

    “Why else do you keep such a distance from me?”

    That was what she thought? She assumed he kept his distance because of a crazy notion she was some kind of freak? If only the sexy little minx knew the real reason he kept his distance.

    “You think I don’t touch you because I believe you’re a freak?” he asked again, disbelief boiling into anger. How could she think so little of him, of herself? Did she not see how hard he tried to resist the temptation she offered? Maybe the time had come for him to show her exactly why he kept his distance.

    Placing his glass down on the bar, he stalked toward her. The woman had enough common sense to back up. He was sure he looked savage, because at the moment the word described precisely how he felt. Savage. Hungry. Ready to take what he’d wanted since the infuriating woman showed up on his doorstep no longer a girl, but a strong, fierce woman. Krista took two steps back until she bumped against the wall. Racine continued his advance, stopping inches from her body. He caged her in, his hands pressed flat against the wall on either side of her head.

    “I don’t touch you, you silly human,” the words rumbled deep from within him. “Because once I start, I won’t be able to stop.”


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Daemon Reckoning

Daemon Reckoning

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