Forever Endangered by Carolina Montague

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  • Forever and Ever Series 3

    Kim Parker and Rakesh Alcourt shelter inside a decommissioned Titan missile silo, recovering from near-fatal wounds incurred in their battle with Kronos, the vampire creator of a virus that is depopulating humanity. While humans die by the millions, Kim and Rakesh search for cures and for Kronos. When they venture into nearby Denver, Kim is captured which sends Rakesh into a tailspin. Just three weeks ago, Kronos threatened to skin Kim alive.

    While Rakesh desperately searches, Kronos takes Kim on his cargo-container ship and has his surgeon operate on her. Kim fears Kronos may have had something implanted inside her. After she is released, the secret within her body proves more perilous than anything she feared.

    And the repercussions shake the very foundations of the love she shares with Rakesh.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 410
    Word Count: 104770
    978-1-5092-1973-5 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1974-2 Digital


    What the hell was she doing? This was a job for Rakesh. If this person could move as fast as she did, he may be a Transformed-one. She turned and started for the murky corner where Rakesh was feeding, but after she took only three furtive steps, another stabbing pain, this time in her back, had her whirling around.

    “Okay. You’re pissing me off now.” She crouched behind a car, reached around her right side, dug a larger sliver out of her back, and held it in her hands. “Goddamn!” This one looked more like an arrow. She dropped it to the cement and tried to rise but abruptly felt like she was going down an elevator, really fast. The cement floor greeted her knees, then her arms, then her whole body, as she tumbled into a bleak gray expanse, void of shape, of color, of sound, of feeling.

    “But drugs don’t work on us…” When her head hit the cement, her right cheekbone took most of the damage, but she hardly felt it at all. Still, the impact shook her eyes open enough to allow her to see a man approach. He was the one she had glimpsed running away from her. He wore khaki pants, but had bare feet. As he knelt to look at her, she saw a brown face with solid red tattooed over his nose and across his cheeks. The red was lined with orange, green, and blue.

    When she struggled to call out to Rakesh, the man frowned and pulled a wooden splinter out of a pack attached to his belt. He took care to handle only the blunt end of the splinter, and after setting it into a hollow tube, he stood and blew forcefully into the tube. She couldn’t feel it, but could see another splinter wobble as it hit her directly under her left eye.

    The gray zone covered her.


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Forever Endangered

Forever Endangered

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