To Be or Not To Be: The Actors by Cathrine Goldstein

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    Jenna Joyce has the opportunity of a lifetime: to play Ophelia in an off-Broadway production of Hamlet starring the hot daytime drama bad boy, Trevor Hughes. She desperately needs this job to save her family and herself. The problem is Jenna can’t stand Trevor.

    Trevor Hughes is tired of his villainous Caspian Locke character and flashy soap opera life. He’d love to give it all up and go back to his gritty acting roots, but he can’t, his sister and nephew rely on him to pay their exorbitant medical bills.

    When Trevor and Jenna manage to build an offstage relationship,  the futures of their families as well as themselves are threatened and Jenna panics. But even if Trevor can overcome his challenges, can he free Jenna from hers? And will he ever be able to prove to her that, despite all obstacles, their love is meant to be?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 300
    Word Count: 73402
    978-1-5092-1710-6 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1711-3 Digital


    He reached out and placed his hand on her cheek, stroking it gently. His gaze danced across hers.

    “I, uh…” Her tummy rumbled with excitement.

    “Thank you, Jenna. For all of it.” He pulled back, letting his hand drop to his side. He walked to the clothing rack in the back of the room, dropped the sauerkraut, and dug a small pink box from his leather bag. “Here. I wanted it to be so much more but this just felt right.”

    Jenna took the box with trembling hands. She gave it a slight shake, listening to it rattle. “What is it?”

    “Open it.”

    Jenna’s heart raced as she tugged at the ribbon and lifted the top off the box. Inside were a hundred pink candy turtles—all stamped with the word “Dream.”

    She looked up at him, her eyes aching from tears. “How did you?”

    “I know you’d want your father here tonight. And I know he’d want you to dream big, because that’s what I want for you.”

    “Trevor, I…” Jenna threw her arms around his neck and held him, tightly, her gown bunching between them. When she broke away, she was inches from him.

    “Perchance to dream, Jenna.”

    She smiled, biting the corner of her lip, exactly where his fingers had been only moments before. He reached up to touch her hair.

    “Careful of the wig,” she joked.

    “And with that sugar addiction of yours, I figured Valentine’s Day candy was a given.”

    “Oh, you know me so well, Mr. Hughes.” Jenna fanned herself coquettishly.

    He smiled. Trevor tossed the container aside and scooped Jenna into his arms. He held her tight.

    “It feels like the nunnery scene.” Jenna’s voice was soft and breathy.

    “Yes, but does this happen in the nunnery scene?” Trevor pulled her closer to him, and his lips nearly brushed against hers.

    “Maybe it should?”

    “Are you telling me…?” Trevor studied her, his gaze locked on hers. “You want me to—?”

    The stage manager stuck his head through the door. “Hamlet? Ophelia? Places, please.”

    Her body ached as he released her.

    “Damn it.” Trevor shook his head, jumping up and down in place. He stopped and smiled at Jenna, taking her hand and kissing it, before letting go. “Here we go.”

    “Break a leg, Trevor.” She smiled at him, adrenaline rushing through her.

    “You too, Jenna.”

    She made her way to the door and turned back. “Trevor? Here’s to not sucking and having to do dinner theatre in the middle of nowhere.”

    Chuckling, Trevor tossed his head back and Jenna scooted out the door.


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To Be or Not To Be: The Actors

To Be or Not To Be: The Actors

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