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  • Searching for Sophie by Rachel Brimble
    Melanie Royal gave her child up for adoption thirteen years ago. Now a crazed admirer has ripped her daughter from a loving home and Melanie is thrown into a race against time?
    Detective Inspector Kieran Joseph is in charge of finding Sophie. He's suspicious of everyone...including the girl's sexy and achingly beautiful mother.

    All In The Family by Susan Peek
    Gabriella Vicelli is a mafia princess working for an ultra-secret division of the FBI.
    Lane Hamilton is a former FBI undercover agent who infiltrated the mob, and is now in charge of Gabriella’s activities. He hates operatives who refuse to obey orders.
    When one of the men she has sent to prison escapes with vengeance on his mind, Lane’s mission is to keep Gabriella safe. But Gabriella is fiercely independent and hates being told what to do.

    Backlash by Karyn Good
    Lily Wheeler interrupted a vicious gang attack on one of her students. Her interference has put her in the path of a cold-blooded killer.
    Constable Chase Porter didn't return to Aspen Lake to rekindle old flames. But there's a dangerous killer after Lily. Can Chase and Lily learn to trust each other again before it's too late--or will old insecurities jeopardize their future?

    Find My Baby by Mitzi Pool Bridges
    Kayla Hunter is kidnapped and forced to give birth in captivity. She escapes only to have the police believe she's killed her own child. Just one man agrees to help find her son, and he stirs feelings she can't afford.
    As people connected with the case turn up dead, Houston homicide detective Luke Garrett realizes that whoever stole her baby is still after Kayla. Can they find her baby before the trail grows cold, or will the killer find them first?

    The Blue Dolphin by Robena Grant
    Debbie Williams discovered a dismembered body in the dumpster behind her health spa, and she's determined to find out what happened.
    Ruggedly handsome DEA agent, Jack Davis doesn't appreciate her amateur sleuthing. He's vowed revenge for his partner's murder. As danger strikes closer, they must figure out what blue dolphins and a desert town have to do with a dangerous drug cartel...all while protecting their hearts from an attraction neither can resist.

    Echoes in the Wind by Debra Jupe
    On the rebound, Darla Hennessy attends a party and meets former teen idol Eric Boyd, the Scottish rocker she had a crush on years ago.
    Eric has one goal: return to the industry as a legitimate musician. But his manager is missing and someone is murdering his former band mates. When the killer attacks Eric, Darla can't turn her back on him. As they stay one step ahead of a madman, their attraction heats up. It may be love, but can they survive long enough to find out?


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Closer To Danger

Closer To Danger

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