Fate by Nadine Nightingale

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  • Drag.Me.To.Hell. Series 3

    My life used to be simple. I woke up, hit the road, and offed some witches. Yeah, I’m a witch hunter. Killing witches is my fate—embedded in my DNA—and I thrive on it. Or I did...until one of them ended up in my bed…And heart.

    Amanda Bishop—infuriating, arrogant, stab-worthy—proclaimed she’d fight Lucifer himself over my soul. My treacherous heart believed her. Then, she ran. Again.  

    Amanda’s best friend, Bonnie, thinks she’s in trouble, the killing kind. Bonnie works her charm on my brother, and he offers our services to find Amanda, the witch that broke my heart.

    The Bishop residency is ransacked—Amanda, her sister, and nephew missing. My new mission? Find Amanda. Preferably, alive. But I get more than I bargained for when secrets are revealed. They will either make or break the hunter-witch love story. In the end, it solely depends on fate.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 462
    Word Count: 109786
    978-1-5092-1905-6 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1906-3 Digital  


    And just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, I catch a glimpse of the iron bars, holding her prisoner in this godforsaken dungeon.

    “Amanda.” My pulse thunders. “Tell me where we are.”

    Our eyes lock. “Promise me,” she says. “Promise you’ll do whatever it takes to stop me.”

    I can’t take it anymore. The events of the previous days tighten their grip around my throat—the love we shared at JJ’s, the pain when she was gone the next morning, the fear of last night when I heard her calling, the desperation of seeing her locked away behind iron bars. “Drop the bullshit and tell me where the fuck you are, so I can come and get you.”

    “It’s too late.”

    “What the hell are you talking about?”

    Her gaze darts to a tattered book in the midst of what appears to be an altar. The edges are degraded. A symbol I’ve never seen before stamped into its center. “There’s no redemption for what I did. But there’s still time to stop me.”

    I stare at the aged book. Its blackened pages bear writing in an alien language.

    That sick mother of a feeling chews at my gut. I refuse to acknowledge it. “Whatever you did,” I say, voice low. “We can fix it. Just tell me where you are.”

    “I can’t.” Manda shakes her head, tears dwelling in her fiery emerald eyes. “I won’t.”

    Anger strikes like a damn rattlesnake. “What do you mean, you won’t? You brought me here for a reason, didn’t you?”

    “I did.”

    “Then tell me how I can find you.”

    “I can’t.”

    Patience is for the strong, not the ones on the brink of maximum fear. “Amanda,” I yell. “Stop playing games. This isn’t funny.”

    Bitter laughter crawls up her throat. “No, Alex. No, it’s not.” She sighs. “That’s why I need you to promise me that when the time comes you won’t hesitate. Finish what you started the day you learned what I was.”

    Realization hits like lightning. “Are you asking me to kill you?”

    She musters a smile. “I’m asking you to save me.”

    I want to rattle the madness out of her when a heavy door creaks. Instinctively, I get on my feet, ready to fight whatever is coming our way.

    “Shit.” Manda is next to me in a heartbeat. “He’s coming.” Fear clouds the flames, burning in her eyes. “You gotta go. Now.”

    “I’m not going anywhere,” I assure her, standing my ground.

    “Stubborn as always,” she whispers, slamming both her palms against my chest.

    The impact knocks me down. Darkness—the one that brought me here—swallows me.

    I’m floating.

    “Take care of our s—”


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