Love Letters from Heaven by Debbie Peterson

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  • After a failed, miserable marriage, Katie Adelton vowed she would never let another man into her life. All of that changed with a single visit to the Normandy American Cemetery, and an encounter with a handsome ghost from World War II. A ghost that to her utter astonishment, claimed to be her soul mate.

    Sergeant William Malloy Griffin willingly gave his life for his country on the shore of Omaha Beach on D-Day. From that day forward he searched the entire earth for his lost love. Once he found her, it took everything in his power to break through the barrier that kept them apart.

    Now a vengeful ghost is intent on destroying the heart of the only woman William will ever love. What if the power of love can't conquer all?

    Rating: Sweet
    Page Count: 286
    Word Count: 75248
    978-1-5092-1888-2 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1889-9 Digital


    “Stop, Katie. You’re not making any sense. What makes you think I would do something like that?”

    “Gustavus showed me.”

    Anger replaced the confusion in his eyes. “Surely you know Gustavus filled your head with lies, Katie. Tell me you know that.”

    Unable to speak, she shook her head and sniffed.

    William took her into his arms. He held her fast as he gazed into her eyes.

    Despite all attempts, she couldn’t escape.

    “Look at me, Katie. Look hard and see that what I say is true.”

    She did as he asked, but still said nothing in return.

    “Just like the fire in the Jameson’s barn, Gustavus created a deceitful fabrication just so he could cause you a great deal of pain. There is no truth in the scenes he created. Not then and not now, do you understand that?”

    She took in a tattered breath and held on to it for dear life.

    “I love you and only you. Trust the part of you that knows this. You know you have filled every part and particle of my heart. The profound love we have for each other has endured for eons of time, Katie. Nothing and no one can change that now—unless you let it.”

    Her fragile heart couldn’t chance acceptance despite the sincerity—maybe even the truth—she saw in his eyes. She swallowed past the knot in her throat. “In Normandy, when we first met face-to-face, you said you’d stay out of my life if that’s what I desired, isn’t that right?” The words came out in a pitiful sort of whisper.

    William dropped his hands and took a half-step back. He shook his head. “Don’t do this, Katie. Please for the love of Heaven, don’t do this to us.”

    His pain tore at her soul. Despite the agony, she couldn’t give him what he wanted. She couldn’t. “I need…I need you to…to go away. I can’t. Please understand…and don’t come back.”

    He dropped his gaze for a moment. His agony, his suffering, shot like a blazing arrow through her heart.

    As he lifted his head and gazed into her eyes, she saw both acceptance and resignation mingled with his pain. “So be it.”

    Katie opened her mouth to take back her words. Somehow she must take away the anguish and the sorrow she inflicted.

    But she was too late. Far too late. William had already disappeared.


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Love Letters from Heaven

Love Letters from Heaven

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