Love on the Forbidden Side by Mariah Ankenman

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    Assistant District Attorney Julie Ryder plans to hide out at her brother’s ranch house in Peak Town, Colorado after a killer she put away escapes. Hoping for a little peace and quiet, what she gets instead is hot and bothered when she discovers the good sheriff is gone, and his sexy best friend is house-sitting.
    FBI agent Liam Graham is on medical leave after a career-jeopardizing injury. He's taking the time to rethink his professional choices while watching his buddy’s place, but he never expected to watch the guy’s sister, too. Julie is a fiery ball of sweet temptation he's been denying himself for years.
    When she finally reveals the real reason for her visit to Peak Town, Liam does everything in his power to keep her safe. But with his focus on protecting her body, Liam fears he may lose his heart.

    Rating: Hot
    Page Count: 228
    Word Count: 54641
    978-1-5092-1697-0 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1698-7 Digital


    Of its own accord, her gaze traveled up and down Liam. They sure trained them good at Quantico. Even with his dark blue jeans and plain black T-shirt, Julie knew a hard, toned body hid beneath the clothing. She knew for a fact the man had a delicious six-pack. Over the decade or so of friendship Liam and her brother shared she’d seen the man in his swim-trunks a time or two. To be honest, she’d had a crush on him since that first Thanksgiving Jake brought him home when the men were in cadet school. One look at the tall, blond-haired, golden-eyed Adonis and she’d been sunk. At the time, she had still been in high school, so of course Liam saw her as nothing more than his best friend’s little sister. An image she’d been trying to change for years to no avail.

    Perhaps the time had finally come to show Liam how much of a woman she truly was.

    “You decided to spend your vacation here?” He raised a skeptical brow.

    He could believe what he wanted. Lots of people went back home for vacations. Okay, so mostly college students looking to unload months’ worth of laundry, not thirty-year-old women who might have a killer after them.

    “What’s wrong with Peak Town?” She crossed her arms, umbrage rising in her at the need to defend her hometown. “It’s quiet, beautiful, lots of people come here to get away.”

    He lifted a hand in surrender. “Hey, you enjoy your vacation time however you see fit.”

    “I will.” She lifted her chin. “Not that I need your permission or anything. This is, after all, my home.”

    “You mean your brother’s home.” He tapped one long finger on the end of her nose.

    So far, this getting him to see her as a woman thing was not going well.

    “Yes, it’s Jake’s home now, but I grew up here, so it will always be home to me.” She reached back to grab the handle of her rolling suitcase. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going to my room.” She brushed past him then stopped, turning abruptly as a thought occurred to her. “Wait, where are you staying?”

    When she moved out, her brother turned her room into a guest room, but she still used it as her own. She even left clothes in the closet.

    Liam grinned. “I was going to stay in the guest room, but your bed is too small. Ryder said I could crash in the master.”

    An image of Liam sleeping in her bed popped into her mind: her pale blue sheets wrapped around his naked body, his strong, broad shoulders filling the full size bed. Yes, it would definitely be too small for a big man like him. Particularly if someone—her—shared it with him. A flush rose on her cheeks. She silently thanked the makers of her twenty-four hour antiperspirant for keeping her cool when her body burned like a raging volcano.

    “Well…good. I mean, um, I didn’t want to kick you out of my bed just because I showed up unannounced.” She wouldn’t kick him out of her bed for anything. “So, are you on vacation, too?”

    The playful light dimmed from his face. “Something like that.”

    Oooookay. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one hiding something.

    She’d let Liam have his secret. Couldn’t hurt to have the FBI agent close at hand considering her current predicament. For now, she would just enjoy the fact that for the next two weeks she would be living, eating, and sleeping under the same roof as the man who made her hormones go wild. If she played her cards right, sexy FBI man would be naked sexy FBI man by the end of the week.

    Giddy anticipation bubbled inside. She was a very, very good card player. Liam didn’t stand a chance.


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Love on the Forbidden Side

Love on the Forbidden Side

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