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Love's Second Bloom by L. M. Gonzalez

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  • Gloria has devoted her life to her two sons and found joy tending her backyard garden. She had no idea anything was missing until Matt strolled in pushing a wheelbarrow. The attraction was immediate.

    After his divorce, Matt's goal was to be the best father he could be for his daughters. Toward that end, he's spent his time growing his landscape business. His plans never included falling in love again.

    Love descended upon them in a backyard filled with dying roses. Together, they were able to not only revive the roses but to rekindle the light of love within each other. Now Matt has proposed, Gloria has accepted, and they look forward to a future together.

    Can Gloria and Matt weed through the challenges--including exes and kids--that arise after Matt's proposal and find true love and happiness with each other?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 276
    Word Count: 68171
    978-1-5092-1634-5 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1635-2 Digital


    “Julia, no one’s an enemy here,” Matt said.

    “I like Gordy…and Dex, too,” Amber shouted.

    “You’re a baby, and you’re too young to know what’s what,” Julia said.

    “If anyone’s at fault here, it’s Tanya.” Gordy let go of Amber’s hand and joined Dex.

    Gloria stared at Gordy. She’d thought he was on her side.

    “She sent your dad to my mom’s,” he said. “All she wanted was help with her roses, not a boyfriend.”

    “You’re saying it’s my daddy’s fault, too.” Amber pointed a shaking finger. “I don’t like you anymore.”

    “Calm down, everybody,” Patsy said in a quiet voice.

    “Calm down?” Julia raised her fist at her sister. “How can we possibly do that?”

    “Girls.” Matt tried to regain control.

    “I want the hell outta here, Mom.” Dex began to walk out of the room. “Let’s go, Gordy.”

    “I’ve always thought your name was stupid.” Julia smirked at Gordy

    “You’re just stupid,” he said.

    Gloria groaned. Matt looked as bewildered and sad as she felt. The kids resumed shouting insults at each other before either of them could say another word. Patsy fell to the sofa in a slump, crying.

    Amber walked over to Gordy and pulled his arm. “Take it back. My daddy is not at fault.”

    Dex and Gordy finally stalked out.

    “Get your stuff,” Julia told her sisters. “We’re going back to Mom’s. I don’t want to stay here one more minute.”

    When Patsy continued crying, Julia went over and slapped her on the arm. “Now.”

    The kids left the room, all of them furious or crying. Gloria glanced at Matt, feeling as if she’d been physically battered. Her whole body ached, especially around her chest area. She wanted to slump on the sofa and sob her eyes out as Patsy had. The kids’ angry voices echoed around the room, though now silence reigned.

    Matt put his arm around her. “That didn’t go so well.”

    “You think?” She blinked to prevent tears, but she wasn’t successful.

    “Aw, Gloria.” He pulled her into a tight embrace. “We’ll find a way. We have to. I love you.”

    “I love you, too,” she murmured against his broad chest. The whiff of his cologne and his nearness evoked sweet memories. After what had just transpired, maybe memories were all she’d ever have. “In this case, I’m not sure it’s going to be enough.”

    “It will be,” he said, his mouth near her ear. “These kids, our kids, were brought into this world with love and have been loved all their lives. They’ll understand.”

    “I hope so.”

    He kissed her. In his kiss was the love he had for her, his want, and his need. Her heart swelled with love, but it also ached with pain for her sons, because the decision to remarry had driven a wedge between her and them, between Matt and his daughters. And at the moment, she saw no way this could be resolved.


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Love's Second Bloom

Love's Second Bloom

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