The Witches of Half Moon Island by Vickie Carroll

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  • A legacy has its burdens as well as its gifts. This becomes clear to Anna and her cousins when an ancient enemy comes for revenge. Can they banish this evil once and for all, or will the curse hold?

    The witches of Half-Moon Island must band together and revive their legacy, embrace their powers, and fight for their lives against this curse that has once again appeared in spirit and human form on their island home off the coast of Savannah.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 182
    Word Count: 47810
    978-1-5092-1539-3 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1540-9 Digital


    Half Moon Island—off the Georgia coast


    The sound of a thousand tears falling through time; the sound of grief that had no end drew Anna Kelly to the special place in her garden on this night. The dark and evil presence of the ancient medicine man hovered over the island like a lingering cloud of doom and worked its plan for destruction. Anna must convince the others of its presence. Everything depended on it.

    Three hundred years of spirit, blood, and bones cried out to her as she stood in the protected Circle of light to work her spell. She stood alone to ask for help from her ancestors, the witches of Half Moon Island who had settled and died there. She stood to honor those who had passed on their gifts so she would be strong enough to keep the spirit from fulfilling its curse one day. The day had come and Anna accepted the challenge.

    Anna was ready. She felt her hair escape its confines and whirl about her head. She looked up to see the ends of her hair shimmering gold and then red, like flames of fire. The air vibrated with a low hum of ancient and whispered voices and she lifted her arms upward to the moon and stars. Her black and silver robe twisted around her as the wind rushed across her and blew through the trees singing its song. Golden light surrounded her head and her hands as she chanted the ancient call of her ancestors. She turned clockwise inside her Circle now; ribbons of light sprang forth from her fingers and the top of her head, and the light covered her garden and made it glow. Everything was alive and pulsing with the beat of the earth’s energy and the power of the universe. Anna did not want this fight, but it was inevitable. The weight of it all rested on her shoulders as she stood inside her Circle releasing the energy back to the earth.

    The spirit of their ancient enemy had returned to the island, and it was crying out for her blood and the blood of her family. Her powers, now charged by the spirits of her ancestors, and the powers passed down to her blood-to-blood, coursed through her body. At thirty, she was at the pinnacle of power. She would be ready.

    She knew her younger cousins, Sarah and Laura, watched at the kitchen window. Since their recent return to the island after a ten-year absence, their knowledge was in need of a refresher, and their basic skills were rusty; but they knew enough to stay away from this Circle. The energy she commanded was fierce and she knew they could feel it too as it traveled through their own blood as she did her spell, strengthening her power, and the sleeping powers of her cousins.


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The Witches of Half Moon Island

The Witches of Half Moon Island

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