What the Lady Wants by Nika Rhone

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  • Boulder Bodyguards Series

    Thea Fordham has wanted him forever. The years haven’t cooled the heat Brennan Doyle arouses in her, so it’s time for her to make the former Marine open his eyes to everything he’s missing. What will it take to prove she’s not some untouchable porcelain doll, but a red-blooded woman determined to finally get her man?
    Doyle’s honor has kept Thea off-limits, but every time he turns around she’s there, wreaking havoc on his senses, making him think about long, sweaty nights and how good she would feel wrapped in his arms. How long could a man be expected to ignore the woman who calls to his every desire?
    Doyle holds a secret that could jeopardize not only the first fragile bonds of love, but Thea’s very life. Will he be able to act before it’s too late for them both?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 392
    Word Count: 101345
    978-1-5092-1537-9 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1538-6 Digital


    Thea’s lips opened under his with little coaxing. Doyle felt the softness of her lips, the eager warmth of her tongue as it met his, and a part of him was amazed that this was actually happening. This was Thea. Thea. For all the doubts he’d had, for all the agonies he suffered trying to decide the rights and wrongs of it all, he knew now that this was exactly what he wanted.

    Right here. Right now. This was his woman, and he would stake his claim before another bout of stupid made him resist the idea again.

    Woman. God, yes, Thea was all that and more. The firm globes of her breasts pressed against his chest as she wrapped her arms around him. One of her hands sifted through his hair as the other clutched his shoulder as though to hold him in place. He almost laughed. Like he was going anyplace but where he was right at that moment.

    Finally given the freedom to explore, he felt like a kid let loose in a candy store, not knowing what treat to start with first. Deciding to start at the top, he rubbed both hands along her back, feeling the play of her shoulder blades, the soft curve of her back as it dipped toward her waist and then flared out again in a sexy curve at her hips.

    Once there, his hands took opposite directions. One curved around to cup her ass, lightly kneading it to the accompaniment of Thea’s tiny moans, which sent even more heat to Doyle’s already rock-hard dick. He’d promised himself that he’d go slow, that he’d ease her into lovemaking, but his body was giving him trouble keeping that promise. All he wanted to do at that moment was strip her naked and climb inside of her for the next week or so.

    The other hand, which had been sliding up her ribs, found its destination and curled around her left breast. It was a lovely handful, and all he pictured was the way the luscious mounds glistened under her fingers as she smoothed sunscreen all over them. He’d tried not to look then, but now all he wanted to do was look, and taste, and touch.

    Settling for touch, he caressed the soft mound, rubbing his thumb over and over the crested peak beneath the barrier of her clothing, a barrier he wanted gone. Now. But he also wanted to savor each step as they took it. Everything was a first for them, and he wanted each and every memory of this first time to be perfect. For both of them.

    Thea gasped into his mouth as he lightly pinched the erect nipple and then shuddered and moaned when he did it a second time, easing the slight sting with more caresses each time. She broke her lips from his to take a deep, hitching breath and then sent a rain of almost frantic kisses along his jawline as her hands slid down and caught the edge of his polo shirt and started dragging it upward.

    “Slow down,” Doyle said, as his body cooperated and pulled back from her just enough to let the material slide free.

    “Slow down, my ass,” Thea muttered, still tugging at his shirt. “I want you naked. Now.”


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What the Lady Wants

What the Lady Wants

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