Blood of the Moon by Eva Gordon

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  • After the Bane, Book 3

    In a world ravished by zombies, animal shifters vow to save humanity. Dora, a medical doctor, a werewolf’s mate, and a powerful witch, is their best weapon against the undead. Dora and her team leave the safety of their sanctuary to obtain DNA samples of the new Z-phage variant.

    The mission starts well until Dora discovers all her witch powers are gone. While escaping a fast-moving horde, a vicious gang captures her. Their destination: Las Vegas for the zombie games. Dirk, Dora’s werewolf mate, desperately searches for her. Can they survive the apocalypse, old enemies, and an unknown force that continues to rob humans of technology?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 362
    Word Count: 81585
    978-1-5092-1547-8 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1548-5 Digital


    Dora drank the water and felt a little better. Her fear of coming across any kind of zombie, slow or fast had suddenly become hard to stomach. For the first time, the flight made her nauseous.

    She kept her telepathic connection with Dirk turned off. The last thing she wanted to convey was fear and the queasiness in her gut. Once flying on her broom, the rush of cold air would ease her nerves.

    Their joking about Denver didn’t help. Dora had a college friend who lived in Denver. She’d visited her two years prior to Z-phage. Cathy ended up going to pharmacy school. She returned to her hometown of Denver to work for her father who owned a pharmacy near the university. What happened to her?

    The plane flew over snow-capped mountains toward dilapidated skyscrapers. Soon after the zombie apocalypse, Denver had turned into a battle zone. The zombies won. Beautiful mile high Denver looked like historical photos of Dresden during World War II. A burned out hull of a once great city. Dora stared at the stadium, now only a crater. She had joined Cathy at a football game there. In the beginning of the zombie plague, stadiums contained the infected. This one had been bombed, but too late.

    On the ground, there must be a half a million zombies. Was Cathy one of them? Aimlessly looking for warm human flesh, her soul trapped in monstrous limbo.

    “Ready?” shouted Falco.

    Dora stood with her broom at the opened door.

    Rave gave him the thumbs up. She leapt off and in seconds shifted into raven form. She cawed and did her usual aerial acrobatics. Show off.

    Before Dora jumped, Dirk grabbed her and kissed her. “See you before sundown, babe.”

    “Sooner,” she shouted and then leapt off. As the plane flew off, she soared away on her broom. “Charge.” The cold breeze whipped the hood off her head, sending her long tresses flying behind her like a comet’s tail.

    Dora turned to look at the plane, now a distant dot. Rave cawed and circled over a tall building. A place to land. Good. Her airsickness hijacked her stomach and nearly overpowered her.

    Dora tightened her grip on the broom handle. “Okay. Witch light speed.”

    The broom faltered and slowed. Then slower.

    Huh? Of all her witchy powers, flight had been her most reliable.

    Her broom circled as if confused. It dipped.

    Shit! Any closer to the ground and she’d be a scrumptious treat for the swarm of zombies below her.

    Dora focused on what Rave called the lamest rhyming spells. Broom, get me to the building, one, two, zoom. Nothing.

    The broom dropped. Gravity overpowered magic.

    Panic strangled her. She screamed.


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Blood of the Moon

Blood of the Moon

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