The Car Crash Bride by Sally Anne Palmer

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  • Kate Perkins can’t remember how she came to be in a deadly car crash with her cheating ex-boyfriend. And why had they gotten engaged?  As Kate struggles to recover her memory, she is confronted by her ex’s older brother, Edward, a man with whom she has a complicated, and still unresolved, past.
    Threats start coming.  Someone doesn’t want her to remember that night. And will stop at nothing to prevent her from learning the secret of her ex’s death. Will she be able to uncover the truth before it’s too late?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 270
    Word Count: 70920
    978-1-5092-1508-9 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1509-6 Digital


    It started at a funeral. Not many things do.

    Not when it was the funeral of a man you had killed, reflected Kate. She stood on a spot precisely calculated as far enough away from the mourners to be inconspicuous and yet still close enough to pay her respects.

    She tucked her hair behind her ears, wondering why a tight, woolen dress had seemed like such a good idea on a sweltering, August day, and tried to count the number of wailing women. Given this was Tommy’s funeral, the presence of wailing women wasn’t a surprise, and if not for the whole murdering thing she’d be wailing herself, but the sheer number of women was a bit of a shock. She had to start the count again, distracted by a brief stutter of breeze that began to cool her flushed cheeks and gave up, crushed by the heavy heat.

    It was a veritable sea of highlighted blondes, brunettes so glossy you could almost use them as a mirror, and redheads who’d spent too long agonizing over ‘Shocking Scarlet’ or ‘Magenta Surprise.’ They seemed to be engaged in a ferocious who-can-cry-the-loudest competition, because even at the distance Kate was positioned the sound of over exaggerated grief drowned out the drone of traffic and the occasional thunder of planes overhead.

    Sweat prickled on the back of her neck, and she cast a quick sidelong glance at the welcoming shade of the tree to her left. Skulking in the shadows would mean hiding to anyone who happened to glance around, and she was determined not to look like she was ashamed. She had just as much right to be at the funeral of her ex-boyfriend as any of the squawking harpies clustered around the grave, still trying to steal a bit of Tommy’s attention when he had no more left to give. She wondered if any of them had ever loved him, ever really loved him as much as she had, once upon a time. She filed the thought away in a nice, neat little box labeled ‘Memories’ exactly as Dr. Morris has instructed her to, and shifted her weight to her other foot.

    The vicar sounded like he was winding down, having gotten to the only bit of the service she recognized with “ashes to ashes” and she still hadn’t been noticed. So far, everything was going according to plan. She could salve her conscience by coming to Tommy’s funeral and get on with the more reprehensible part of the day with less guilt.

    The thunk of earth hitting the coffin echoed up the slope, despite the press of a hundred odd people as Kate readied herself for a hasty departure. She didn’t have time for grief. Grief belonged to people who could remember what they were grieving for. People who hadn’t had a whole week of their lives wiped out, along with all of Tommy’s, by a large tree and an unexpected bend. There would be time for tears as soon as she worked out what she’d been doing in a car with a man she hadn’t seen in more than three years.

    Thunk. Another handful of earth went a small way toward filling the enormous hole in the midst of the crowd. The only person Kate recognized was Arabella, but since they weren’t on speaking terms, it made no difference. Besides, the Arabella she’d known at university had been considerably plumper, considerably less elegantly attired, and had a considerably different nose, so maybe it wasn’t her after all.


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The Car Crash Bride

The Car Crash Bride

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