A Killer's Prey by MJ Eason

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  • Five years ago, Kara Bryant tapped into the mind of a serial killer—and nearly became his last victim. Her FBI colleague and lover Davis Martin caught the murderer but then devastated her with his abrupt rejection. Now the vivid nightmares that followed her to her desert retreat have taken a fresh, frightening turn.

    Davis thought he’d made the right decision for everyone involved in a case that almost ended in disaster, thanks to his mistakes. But with a new string of killings, suddenly he wonders if he let the real Death Angel get away. Kara is the only one who can help him nail the bastard for good this time—if she will forgive him.

    He wasn’t expecting the woman he never stopped loving to love him back. Nor is he prepared to come face-to-face with Kara’s secret. One that raises the stakes impossibly high.

    Rating: Sensual
    Page Count: 254
    Word Count: 62855
    978-1-5092-1334-4 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1335-1 Digital


    The smell of crushed lilacs mingled with the acrid scent of smoke. He was here with her. In the one place he could still reach her. Her dreams.

    Kara fought to wake herself but he was not ready to let her go just yet. She could hear his voice as if it were only yesterday.

    You think you can get rid of me so easily, Kara. You can’t. Don’t you know you’ve become part of me? You became entwined the moment I chose you. You can’t leave me until I say it’s over. And it’s not over. There are more games to play. More victims.

    Smoke quickly overpowered the fragrant lilacs, making it impossible for Kara to breathe. He’d bound her hands together. Her fingers fumbled with the knot. She could feel his breath on her cheek.

    But she couldn’t see. The silky blindfold felt soft and familiar touching her skin. A contradiction to the horror she knew lay just beyond its comfort.

    Kara heard her scream. Kim Billings. The woman who took her place. She could still hear her pleading for help after all these years.

    “Hold on. I’m coming!” Kara forced the words out.

    This is just a dream. It’s just a dream!


    He touched her shoulder and whispered her name but something wasn’t right. His touch felt soft and gentle. All wrong.


    Mommie? Kara forced her eyes open with a tiny gasp, her fearful glance searching the familiar bedroom of her home outside El Paso, Texas. He wasn’t here. Thank God, he wasn’t here. Just her daughter, who stood next to Kara’s bed trying to wake her mother. Ava’s frightened little face screwed up.

    “Oh baby, did I wake you?” Ava’s expression relaxed a little. She climbed into bed with Kara, her tiny arms wrapping tightly around her mother’s waist for comfort.

    “Baby, it’s okay. It was only a bad dream.” Kara wished she could believe what she’d said. But in her heart, she feared the worst. It had started.

    “It’s the same dream, isn’t it, Mommie?” Ava asked in a sleepy little voice. It sickened Kara that her innocent daughter knew this dream so well.


    “Mommie, will it ever end?” She would give anything to be able to answer yes and mean it.

    As Kara tried to find something believable to tell her daughter, Ava’s quiet breathing made lies unnecessary.

    Slowly Kara untangled Ava’s clinging arms and climbed out of bed, holding her breath for a moment. Ava didn’t wake. She quietly pulled the bedroom door closed, leaving it open just a sliver in case her daughter should wake up.


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A Killer's Prey

A Killer's Prey

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