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Daemon Uprising by Mariah Ankenman

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  • The world of the supernatural is real and living among us, a fact Tabitha Culver knows all too well.

    Ten years ago, evil supernatural creatures she never thought existed attacked Tabitha. Now, she works for the Supernatural Council to defend humanity against the malevolent forces unknowingly hunting them. A new darkness has risen up in the form of Kakodaemons.

    Tabitha, a by-the-books straight arrow is teamed up with the Euadaemon Kiernan, a bend-the-rules, sexy bad boy. With Tabitha and Kiernan the sparks fly, sometimes literally! To take down the bad guys, they have to put their differences aside and work together. However, a dark secret and sizzling attraction could prove to be distractions they can’t afford. Tabitha must learn to trust her partner, and her heart, in order to eliminate this new threat to humanity.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 306
    Word Count: 76085
    978-1-5092-1229-3 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1230-9 Digital


    “It’s not a secret what my father was.”

    “I know.”

    Everyone involved in the council knew Kiernan’s past. Some people were wary around Kiernan, as if being Kako was a trait instead of a choice. She never thought that. She knew Daemons—just like humans—could choose good or bad and the person, not their parents, mattered.

    “I’m not my father.” His words slurred slightly from the alcohol, but she heard the anger and pain behind them.

    She took a step forward. “I never said you were, Kiernan.”

    “I will not end up like him.” He sounded like he tried to convince himself as much as her. Her heart ached for him.

    Quickly, she crossed the room, plucking the drink from Kiernan’s grasp and setting it on the bar. He looked so miserable. She felt a deep twinge in her soul. She hated seeing anyone in pain. Okay, maybe a Kako, but not Kiernan. He was a good man—Daemon really—and he shouldn’t harbor these self-doubts. Taking his hands in her hers, she gazed into his ice-blue eyes, a little hazy from all the booze he just downed.

    “Kiernan, you’re nothing like your father. You’re strong and kind, and you protect people, even when it puts you in danger.”

    A smile tugged at the corner of his lips, eyes brightening slightly. “Careful, Tabby Cat. Say things like that, and I might start thinking you actually like me.”

    She rolled her eyes. “Just because I think you’re not a monster doesn’t mean I like you.”

    “There’s the Tabitha I know.” He chuckled.

    “Come on,” she said, putting his arm over her shoulder. “Let’s get you to bed.”

    “I like the sound of that.”

    She snorted, a small smile curling her lips. “Alone.”

    “Party pooper,” he mumbled.

    She swayed with the weight of supporting him. He stumbled slightly, then regained his balance, moving his feet in line with hers as they made their way across the library to the door.

    “How much did you drink?”

    “Enough to tell you how beautiful I think you are,” Kiernan’s hot breath whispered in her ear sending chills cascading through her.

    She shivered, trying to put a damper on the feelings he brought out in her. “It’s just the dress.”

    He stopped walking, causing her to stop as well. Strong arms pulled her to him, wrapping around her like a big, warm electric blanket. His head bent. She smelled the whiskey on his breath. His lips were mere inches from hers, and she couldn’t take her gaze off their sensual fullness. She remembered how they felt pressed against hers and damned if she didn’t want another taste.

    “It’s not the dress, Tabitha. It’s you.”

    She didn’t know what to say. Turned out, she didn’t have to say anything. Before she could even take in a breath to respond, Kiernan’s mouth came down over hers.


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Daemon Uprising

Daemon Uprising

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