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Soulmates by Nadine Nightingale

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    Alex is a righteous witch hunter. I’m a stab-worthy witch. We loved each other once. Now, we can’t stand to be near each other. It’s my fault. We are natural born enemies, after all. I had to help him save his brother from a psychotic voodoo priest, though. What can I say? I like Little Remington as much as I pretend to dislike Alex. Besides, he promised to never bother me again after that.  

    He kept his end of the bargain. I left my dubious life behind and started over. All is well. Until—  The truth about a deal with hell is revealed. I have to choose between the ultimate sacrifice or losing jerk-face forever. One will live, one will die. Who, solely depends on my selfishness.

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 382
    Word Count: 93260
    978-1-5092-1352-8 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1353-5 Digital


    Three days to hell


    When I wake up, I don’t smell coffee, scrambled eggs, or bacon. I inhale the unmistakable scent of regret. I want to stay in bed, keep my eyes closed, and forget last night ever happened. I learned a long time ago to face my mistakes. To never run from what I did, ’cause at some point—when you least expect it—shit comes back, biting you in the ass. It’s better to deal with whatever crap you’ve produced before it turns into karma.

    I slowly blink my eyes open. The space next to me is empty. Alex sits at the small kitchen table, nose buried in the files he got from JJ. “Morning,” he says as I throw the blankets away and sit up. “Sleep well?”

    “Yeah,” I murmur, totally aware he’s staring at my back. “You?”

    Alex’s footsteps echo through the room. Moments later, he presses his full lips against my alerted skin. “Better than in a very long time.”

    He trails kisses down my neck. My heart skips several beats. Geez, what’s with him? Shouldn’t he be all what-the-fuck-did-I-do, rather than can-we-pick-up-where-we-left-off?

    I lean down and grab my clothes from the floor. The ones I can find. “I need a shower,” I choke out, walking to the bathroom.

    Alex stands in front of me in no time.

    Quick son of a bitch.

    “Manda,” he says, cupping my chin. “There’s something I gotta say.”

    “What?” I didn’t mean to snap at him, but my emotions are all over the place. I can’t think straight.

    He smiles. “I…”

    Should have never screwed you?


    Made a mistake?

    Some of the mischievous sparkle of last night is back in his gaze. “I’d do it again,” he finally says.

    My eyes go wide. My freaking jaw drops to the floor. I’m that close to asking him if he screwed out his brain cells last night when a loud knock on the door makes me jump.

    “Alex? Manda?”

    JJ. Great.

    Alex ignores her. “Would you?”


    “Alex?” JJ yells louder. “You in there?”

    She’s probably going to barge in any second, and I’d rather not have her see me naked. “I gotta take a shower,” I say, pulling away and slamming the bathroom door behind me.

    I stay in there for as long as I can, letting the hot water wrinkle my skin. Looking like a granny is definitely better than coming face to face with Alex. To be completely honest, I even consider running. I mean, I’d do it again? How the fuck could he say something like that when we both know it was a mistake? People do strange things when death knocks on their door. Yeah,I shouldn’t take it too seriously. I’m pretty sure he’ll change his mind about it if, and that’s a big if, he makes it out of this alive.

    Not in the mood for makeup, I get dressed and twist my wet hair up in a bun, securing it with more than a dozen bobby pins before I unlock the bathroom door.

    “Hey,” JJ says, a stupid grin on her face as I stumble into the living room. “Thought you drowned in there.”

    They both stare at me, and I kinda wish I had drowned.


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