Love on the Wild Side by Mariah Ankenman

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  • Peak Town, Colorado, Book 2

    For Elizabeth Hayworth, tiny Peak Town, Colorado is a far cry from her life in L.A., but working at her best friend’s cupcake shop makes her think things are pretty darn good. Until she’s forced to spend time with said best friend’s grumpy future brother-in-law.

    Dade Denning takes the hard work of running a horse ranch seriously. What he can’t take seriously is his future sister-in-law’s flighty best friend. Lizzy is everything he’s not—flirty, outgoing, and loud. The woman just rubs him the wrong way. So why does he fantasize about rubbing her the right way?

    When circumstances force the two together, sparks fly and passion ignites. But sometimes the wildest love can burn too bright and the consequences can leave a lasting impression.

    Rating: Hot
    Page Count: 274
    Word Count: 64980
    978-1-5092-1252-1 Paperback
    978-1-5092-1253-8 Digital


    Elizabeth Hayworth. His soon to be sister-in-law’s best friend, sexy temptress…

    And all around pain in my ass.

    “It’s Dade.”

    Her smoky gray eyes rolled as she shut the car door and made her way over.

    How the hell can she walk in those tiny skyscrapers?

    “I’m worried about you, Dade, really. You seem to have a medical condition.”

    She came closer, stopping about a foot in front of him. The smell of sugar wafted off her tempting porcelain skin. Probably from Maggie’s cupcake shop. Sugar and spice described Elizabeth perfectly. She looked so sweet and sexy, but once she opened her mouth, nothing but smartass remarks. Drove him insane.

    He tipped his hat back, brushing the sweat off his forehead with the back of his sleeve. “Oh really? And what condition would that be?”

    She stepped closer, placing a finger on his chest. His body burned from the contact. Just one, tiny touch, and he wanted to pull her closer and see if that smart mouth could be put to better use.

    He wanted her and hated that he wanted her. She was not his type. Not by a long shot. He liked sweet women, soft-spoken women who enjoyed quiet nights at home or a peaceful stroll at sunset.

    There was nothing quiet or peaceful about Lizzy—though she didn’t let him call her that. The woman was high-octane energy. She was loud, pushy, and outgoing. Everything he was not. They were like fire and water.

    So, why the hell did he want her so much?

    She was beautiful, there was no denying that. Long, strawberry-blonde hair, clear, smoky gray eyes. At six three, he dwarfed most women, but she matched him perfectly. Even in those ridiculous heels, she came just about eye to nose with him. The perfect height for him to lean over and press his lips to hers. He would never do that. For many reasons—one being he wasn’t entirely sure she wouldn’t bite him if he tried.

    “You, sir, have what we call stickbuttitis.”

    He crossed his arms over his chest and glared down. “That’s not a real condition, or even a real word.”

    Crimson red lips tipped up in a teasing smile. “Oh yes, it is. It means you have a stick up your butt.”

    Wouldn’t be the first time someone told him that.

    “I’m afraid we are going to have to operate,” she added, affecting a pouty frown.

    Dade heaved a sigh of frustration. “What are you doing here, Elizabeth?”

    “Maggie invited me to dinner.”

    Great. His night just got ten times worse. Not only did he have this jerkoff suing him to think about, now he had to spend an entire night trying to be nice to a woman he both wanted to strangle and take to bed. “Fantastic.”


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Love on the Wild Side

Love on the Wild Side

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