Biloxi: Fleur de Lis Brides by Linda Joyce

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    Biloxi Dutrey is finally getting married. She’s found forever love, and she’ll host the finest reception at fully restored Fleur de Lis. Everything is set—until only days before when her fiancé, Nick Trahan, demands last minute changes. Biloxi panics, fearing his decisions will revive the old Dutrey-Trahan family feud and ruin their future.

    While Nick wants Biloxi to have a drama-free wedding, he insists his estranged father replace her brother as his best man. He’s also adding one more to the guest list—his long-lost mother sharing a shocking revelation. After all, every family wedding photo needs both sets of parents.

    To get to the altar, Biloxi and Nick face a battle where the family loyalty lines are murky. Will they ever say “I do” and have a true happily ever after?

    Rating: Spicy
    Page Count: 97
    Word Count: 22635
    978-1-5092-1214-9 Digital


    Nick moved. Biloxi scooted over and sat upright.

    “How did you know?”

    “A woman’s intuition. Oh, Nick,” she groaned. “Really? Now? Another change in the wedding? You’re going to hurt my brother’s feelings. And someone will have to tell my mother before the wedding—or it will be a disaster during the ceremony. Anyway you spin it, it will only be a hurricane of trouble.” How could he do this to her? To them? Hadn’t they just buried the past completely when burying the Old Aunts? He wanted to create a new family feud by snubbing her brother?

    “We wouldn’t be having this conversation, if you’d married me last October, had a double wedding like we’d planned.” Nick moved her to sit up.

    “So this is my fault?”

    “The storm changed all of us. It brought Camilla home and Jared followed. We wouldn’t have made it through all the repairs and Historical Society issues, but for Jared and his grandfather. Camilla wouldn’t be staying on to run the café with Greta if the expansion hadn’t happened—all thanks to Jared and my dad, and the crew he rounded up. The storm ripped away the veneer of our life, yet it brought our families closer. Particularly, my father and me.”

    “Oh, Nicholas, I can’t handle more conflict. Camilla is grumbling about going back to Wyoming for the summer. She and Jared are arguing about it. My parents are thinking of selling their home—I love visiting it in the Garden District—and buying an RV, like the one James’ grandparents own. Aunt Macy constantly bickers with Momma, they’re like pecking hens…I’m tired with a capitol T.”

    “Which is why, I want my mother to come to the wedding. If my father is my best man—maybe there’s a chance of reconciliation. He’s been sober for a long time…but she could be the catalyst for even more change. It’s a risk I want to take to bring my family together again. You, of all people, understand that.”

    Biloxi rose and paced. “Do you understand the explosion that could take place? Your mother materializes out of nowhere, just in time for the wedding. Then you want to change who represents you as best man? All so close to the wedding. It’s a slap in the face for my brother. My mother will be so insulted. Grandmother Elise will be so disappointed.”

    “I’ll tell them. I’ll shoulder the responsibility for this.”

    Throwing up her hands, Biloxi shouted, “You don’t understand. The minute after you tell my mother, Hurricane Deidre will be on the phone calling me to demand to know why I didn’t warn her. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. Damn it to hell! Is all of this worth it? I just don’t know anymore.” She stormed upstairs. She didn’t want to be a widow before she had the chance to be a bride.


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Biloxi: Fleur de Lis Brides

Biloxi: Fleur de Lis Brides

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